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04 December 2012 at 9:40pm

UPDATE, 10:50 p.m.: Davis is now in custody, according to multiple reports on Twitter. Good night.

UPDATE, 9:55 p.m.: WFAA reports that Davis has been surrounded near Harry Hines and Reagan Street:

At 9:35 p.m., a man matching Davis’ description was spotted in a van in a parking lot not far from the hospital at Harry Hines Boulevard and Reagan Street. His vehicle was surrounded by law enforcement officers.

Dallas police sent a SWAT team and negotiators to the scene.


Be careful out there folks, especially if you’re in Oak Lawn or the Medical District.

An armed murder suspect is on the loose after escaping from Parkland hospital with a sheriff’s deputy’s gun on Tuesday night, according to WFAA.

According to initial reports, Franklin Davis of Irving took a deputy’s gun and fled on foot.

At the time, Davis was wearing the pants of an inmate’s uniform and no shirt.

In September, Davis confessed to killing 16-year-old Shania Gray of Carrollton after luring her into a fatal encounter along the banks of the Trinity River.

From the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department at 9:28 p.m.:

“Franklin B. Davis, 30 years of age, 5’11″ b/m, 235 lbs. escaped from custody during a Parkland Hospital visit. He was last seen shirtless with Parkland issued pants.Inmate has a capital murder charge and should be considered armed and dangerous. Deputies are actively searching the area. DPD Air One is also assisting. No further details at this time. … Davis did take a deputy’s duty weapon. The deputy suffered no injuries.”

Fox 4 is reporting that shots were fired in the area of Maple Avenue and Medical District Drive following Davis’ escape, and he may now be in the creek beds or construction sites in the area. Yikes.

from:  http://www.dallasvoice.com/breaking-armed-murder-suspect-escapes-parkland-hospital-10133599.html


using the number/letter grid:

1      2      3       4       5       6      7      8      9
A      B     C       D       E       F      G      H      I
J      K      L      M      N       O      P      Q      R
S      T      U      V      W      X      Y      Z


A = 1              J = 1              S = 1

B = 2              K = 2             T = 2

C = 3              L = 3             U = 3

D = 4              M = 4            V = 4

E = 5              N = 5            W = 5

F = 6              O = 6             X = 6

G = 7              P = 7             Y = 7

H = 8              Q = 8             Z = 8

I = 9               R = 9



Franklin Davi

6             1    1 


how he appears to the world (FA) and how he obtains/loses his heart’s desire (FS) both = 61 = Fleeing.  Escapee.  Trying to get away.  Plans fall through.

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