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White House press secretary Robert Gibbs has a new way to communicate directly to people — Twitter.

President Barack Obama’s chief spokesman ventured into the Twitter world on Saturday with his first ‘tweet’ or Twitter message on his official White House account. Gibbs wrote: “Learning about ‘the twitter’ – easing into this with first tweet – any tips?”

Gibbs later told The Associated Press: “I opened it today. I was watching a twitter feed while the President visited the briefing room last week.” He said he “thought it was fascinating to watch and see what people were thinking, doing and writing.” Gibbs was referring to Obama visiting the press room Tuesday after a bipartisan meeting with leaders of Congress.

Gibbs wrote: “Seemed like adding our voice to that is a good thing.”

The press secretary had lured more than 6,200 followers Saturday within hours of that first post.

But fellow Tweeters be forewarned. Because Gibbs’ account was set up through the White House, his Twitter page notes that comments and messages received through such pages are subject to the Presidential Records Act and may be archived.


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