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May 5, 2012        12:04 PM ET

Quebec’s four student groups, leading the fight against proposed university tuition fee hikes, are continuing negotations in Quebec City today with Education Minister Line Beauchamp and the head of the Treasury Board, Michelle Courchesne.

The talks began Friday and continued into the night after the latest student protest ended. The demonstration quickly turned violent with injuries to four police officers and at least six demonstrators.

The student leaders left the meeting briefly Friday night to speak out against the violence taking place in Victoriaville, Que, about 150 kilometres northeast of Montreal.

Several hundred students had gathered outside the provincial Liberal Party’s general council meeting to demonstrate against proposed tuition hikes.

The demonstration quickly turned violent and police arrested 106 demonstrators.

Protesters hurled billiard balls, rocks and bricks at officers.

Police responded with tear gas, rubber pellets and sound grenades. One demonstrator was reportedly shot in the face with a rubber bullet.

Some of those attending the party’s meeting in Victoriaville complained of scratchy eyes after some of the tear gas seeped into the convention hall, and the building’s ventilation system had to be shut down.

At a news conference Saturday morning, provincial police spokesperson Jean Finet called the violence unacceptable. He said police are continuing to investigate and they believe four people may have incited the majority of the violence.

Several demonstrations are planned in Montreal for Saturday to denounce the proposed changes to tuitions, continuing a series of protests held over the past 11 weeks.

from:  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/story/2012/05/05/students-group-talks-continue.html


Line Beauchamp was born on February 24th, 1963 according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Line_Beauchamp

February 24th, 1963

February 24th

2 + 24 +2+0+1+2 = 31 = her personal year (from February 24th, 2012 to February 23rd, 2013) = Controversy.  Things get out of hand.

Five of Wands Tarot card

31 year + 4 (April) = 35 = her personal month (from April 24th, 2012 to May 23rd, 2012) = How long is this going to last?  This can’t continue.

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