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Kerry Rhodes tweets about leaving New York

Posted by Michael David Smith on December 11, 2009 6:23 PM ET

Still upset about being taken out of the starting lineup, New York Jets safety Kerry Rhodes went on Twitter today to say he thinks he’d be appreciated elsewhere.

Responding to a tweet from a Jets fan who asked him if he realized how lucky he was to be playing football in New York, Rhodes tweeted the following (edited for clarity):

“New York is an OK place to play! Very good place to live and do other things, but to play is OK. I love real fans like you, trust me. The only reason I would leave is to show the few that hate what I will do with another team and let them know that having me isn’t that bad! I promise a lot of teams would love to have me as their problem!”

Rhodes and Jets coach Rex Ryan are clearly not on the same page about Rhodes’ role in the defense, and Rhodes yelled at a Jets assistant during Thursday’s practice. For as much as Rhodes seems to think he deserves to be a starter for the Jets, at this point it’s hard to see why Ryan would want him on the team at all. Which means that in a few months, Rhodes can find out exactly how much he’d be appreciated elsewhere.


March 6, 2010, 7:26 pm
Jets Trade Kerry Rhodes to Cardinals

New York Jets

That recent statement from the Jets’ Mike Tannenbaum about keeping Kerry Rhodes?

Never mind. He was traded to Arizona for a fourth-round pick this year and a seventh-round pick next year, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN. The Jets have confirmed an agreement in principle. The Cardinals needed a safety after Antrel Rolle left for the Giants.

The Jets’ coaching staff and Rhodes weren’t on the same page last season; Rhodes was unhappy with his role — unhappy enough to tweet about it.

It’s part of Rex Ryan’s reshaping of the defense. Antonio Cromartie wanted to play more man coverage in San Diego. He’ll have his chance with the Jets. And Rhodes, after stewing over a midseason demotion with the Jets, will have a new start in Arizona.

Extra point: It didn’t seem that long ago that Rhodes was a key part of the Jets’ playoff team in Eric Mangini’s first season. Did the Jets make the right call?



Kerry Rhodes was born on August 2nd, 1982 according to

August 2nd, 1982

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August 2nd

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