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December 31, 2012          2:19PM

IT’S a shark-eat-shark world. For real.

Video footage has emerged of a shark eating another shark hooked on a fishing line.

The cannibalism was captured by Melbourne graphic designer Bryony Grover while out fishing on a boat in New Zealand.

It shows a blue shark biting into a school shark 14km off Tasman Bay, at the top of South Island.

Just like a scene out of a Jaws movie,  the blue shark sneaks up to the school shark hooked on the line as it is pulled towards the boat.

“He was slowly trying to grab it. It wasn’t scary-scary. It was pretty non-aggressive,” Ms Grover told the The New Zealand Herald.

The footage has generated much interest internationally since it was posted on the website Reddit.


The moment one shark takes a bite of another.

In the UK, the Daily Mail  incorrectly identifies the small shark as a ”poor Great White” and the ”decent size shark” as ”also a Great White”.

Experts say the blue shark is average in size and of the most abundant sharks in the world.

And while experts say shark cannibalism is not rare, capturing the moment for the world to see is.

story from and video at:  http://www.news.com.au/national/shark-eats-shark-in-scarey-video/story-fndo4eg9-1226545697251


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Bryony Grover

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45 = Scary.  Sharks.  Intense.

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