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August 18, 2011    9:22am

Crime boss James “Whitey” Bulger’s longtime girlfriend pleaded not guilty Thursday in a Boston court to helping him avoid capture during his 16 years on the run from federal authorities.

Catherine Greig, 60, of Quincy, Mass., was indicted last week on the charge of conspiracy to harbor and conceal a  fugitive. If convicted, she faces a maximum of up to five years in federal prison.

According to the Boston Globe, Greig’s lawyer told reporters that his client will not cooperate with authorities and described her as an “excellent bail candidate.”

The indictment against Greig alleges she “conspired to take steps to prevent Bulger’s discovery and arrest, after knowledge of the fact that a  warrant had been issued for his apprehension.”

Greig and Bulger hid in plain sight for years in a Santa Monica apartment. Bulger had fled Boston, where he was wanted in connection with   19 homicides and other charges.

During a court hearing last month, FBI agent Michael Carasza said  Greig had used fake ID cards regularly, including for the purchase of  medication  for herself and Bulger.The FBI showed videotape of Greig getting prescriptions at a Santa Monica drugstore.On Wednesday, the U.S. attorney’s office released eight fake ID cards it alleges were seized from Bulger’s Santa Monica apartment at the time he was arrested.

Authorities are trying to figure out how Bulger — one of the FBI’s 10 most wanted fugitives — was able to live fairly openly in Santa Monica and in particular whether he got financial help.

The FBI found more than $800,000 in cash inside the walls of the apartment in addition to nearly three dozen guns.

In  an interview with the FBI on a flight from Los Angeles to Boston, Bulger said he “previously stashed money with people he trusted.”

But he did not say whether anyone is hiding assets for him now,  according to court records.



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