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David Hyde Pierce is probably best known for his Emmy-winning role as Dr. Niles Crane, the uptight brother on the long-running sitcom, “Frasier.” So it shouldn’t be a surprise that his character in his first feature film-starring role in the psychological thriller “The Perfect Host,” starts out as very Niles-like.

The movie is still looking for distribution at Sundance, but has been gathering a following, especially among industry folks hungry for the creepier fare of thrillers and horror movies, like “Paranormal Activity” that came of out the film festival last year to make bug bucks at the box office.


David Hyde Pierce was born on April 3rd, 1959.


April 3rd

4 + 3 +2+0+0+9 = 18 = his personal year (from April 3rd, 2009 to April 2nd, 2010) = Reality-testing.  Art.  Imagination.  Fantasy.  Surreal.  Dreams.  Sleep.  Past-lives.  Psychic.  Tarot.  Divination.  Augury.  Subconscious.  Subliminal.  Unconscious.  Suggestion.  Subliminal.  Hypnotize.  Hypnosis.  Moon.  Nighttime.  The dark.  Shadows.  Murky.  Swamp.  Fog.  Haze.  Unseen.  Maya.  Illusion.  Unreal.  Strange.  Bizarre.  Doodling.  Cartoons.  Fiction.  Science fiction.  Hallucinations.  Hearing voices.  Distortions.  Haunt.  Ghosts.  Monsters.  Vampires.  Zombies.  Phantasm.  Phantom.  Howl.  Outer space.  Space aliens.  UFO’s.  Susceptible.  Suggestible.  Superstitions.  Insomnia.  Sleep disorders.  Escapism.  Warped.  Horror.  Psycho.  Demented. 


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