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June 2nd, 2011 3:24 pm ET

Televagalist Joyce Meyer’s former chief of security has been found guilty of  murdering his family in 2009 reported college news. Coleman strangled to death  his 9 and 11 -year -old sons and his 31-year-old wife.Coleman was convicted on  May 26, 2011 with the jury deciding today as to whether or not Coleman will  receive the death penalty accoding to ChristianToday.

BM of Cincinnati wrote “Christopher Coleman strangled his two sons  and wife to death in 2009, today the jury will decide if he gets the death  penalty or not. I wonder what Joyce Meyer has to say bout all this.  I really enjoy  listening to her show some days and I can only think she would have a very  strong opinion as to whether or not he should be put to death or not. I say yes,  he killed his family, he does not deserve to live.”
The prosecuting attorney Ed Parkinson on Coleman’s case stated that he  believed if there was a reason to convict some to death it would be Coleman.  This man murdered his wife and two young sons while they slept in their  beds.
On May 5, 2009 Christopher Coleman, who is the son of a pastor made a phone  call to a police officer who had been to his home on several other occasions to  investigate prior threats related to the Coleman family to check on them after  attempts to contact the family by phone went unanswered.
When the police arrived at the Coleman residence they discovered the  gruesome sight of Coleman’s wife and two young sons bodies, all three had been  strangled with some form of wire,rope or cord.The police also stated that the  walls of the home had been spray painted with obscenities that appeared to have  been directed at Colemans wife Sheri. The words painted  read “punished”,  “wh*re paid”, “u have paid”, and “I saw you leave F*** you, I am always  watching.”
Christopher Coleman resigned his position at Joyce Meyer  Ministries, after being questioned about violating the ministry’s moral conduct  policy. Coleman was Joyce Meyer’s bodyguard.
Joyce Meyer was questioned in court where she testified that she was not  aware that Coleman had been having an affair with one of her employees until the  detectives had told her,revealing had she known he would have been fired.
The prosecuting attorney argued that Christopher Coleman murdered his wife  and children so he could keep his job with Joyce Meyer and continue his  relationship with the other woman, who was a close friend of his wife  Sheri’s.
Sheri Coleman’s family has filed a wrongful death suit in Monroe County  Illinois against Joyce  Meyer Ministries, stating failure to recognize that Christopher Coleman was  a threat to his family. The lawsuit claims that Joyce Meyer Ministries should of  been aware Coleman was a threat because he had used his work place, issued  computer and cell phone to make these threats against his family. In Cincinnati  Ohio how many employees are fully aware of who is or isn’t having a work related  affair?
Kelly F a Cincinnati teacher stated”I think work affairs  are more common than you realize, but if the two cheating are very secretive and  careful I believe that it could go undected by the bosses. Do I think Joyce  Meyer should be held responsible, no, not unless there is some solid proof that  he was a threat.”
The family’s attorney stated “This tragic murder would have been  preventable if Joyce Meyer Ministries had responded to the threats and  extramarital affair and warned the late Sheri Coleman.
The recent abolition of the death penalty in Illinois will go in to effect  on July 1,2011. The Governor of Illinois Pat Quinn stated that he will commute  any death sentences to life in prison.
Tim D of Cincinnati said “I want to know why he will have his sentenced  change from death to life if he is being sentenced today, shouldn’t the date he  is sentenced  determine the punishment? Why not let the family of his  victims decide?”


Joyce Meyer was born on June 4th, 1943 according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joyce_Meyer

June 4th, 1943

June 4th

6 + 4 +2+0+1+0 = 13 = her personal year (from June 4th, 2010 to June 3rd, 2011) = Major changes.

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