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April 18, 9:09 PM

Former Broadway-turned-country singer Laura Bell Bundy popped up for her big country debut during the 45th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards Sunday evening. Bundy performed her hit single “Giddy On Up” wearing a hot, cowgirl leather two-piece alongside a troupe of dancers with line dance choreography – Something Bundy calls bringing “a little Beyonce” to the country music genre.

“I am so freaking excited about tonight!” Bundy tweeted before the show. “I will be thinking of all of you when I do my cooter slam!”

Bundy, who got her start on the Broadway stage, is best known for her musical roles in Hairspray and as “Elle Woods” in Legally Blonde – The Musical. Bundy’s first country music intro was made to Mercury Records in early 2010, prior to the release of her Billboard dominating hit single, “Giddy On Up”. Bundy’s first song hit #60 the first week and eventually turned into a music video by Shane Drake, as a part of her album release, “Achin’ and Shakin'”, released on April 13, 2010.


Laura Bell Bundy was born on April 10th, 1981 according to

April 10th, 1981

4 + 10 +1+9+8+1 = 33 = her life lesson = what she is here to learn = Cowgirl.  Country.


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