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Buju Banton
23 June 2011 Last updated at 10:57 ET

Grammy-award-winning star Buju Banton
has been sentenced to 10 years in jail in the US for his role in setting up a
cocaine deal in 2009.

The singer, whose real name is Mark Myrie, was told at Tampa federal court
that he must serve five years’ probation following prison.

Previously the Dancehall artist had insisted in court that he had been merely
boasting about the deal.

Prosecutors conceded he had never put money into a deal or profitted from

His record Before the Dawn won best reggae album at the Grammy Awards
ceremony earlier this year.

In February the star was convicted of conspiracy to possess cocaine with the
intent to distribute it, along with a further drug trafficking offence and a gun

He was acquitted of a fourth charge for attempted cocaine possession

It was Banton’s second trial – his first ended in September when the jury was
unable to reach a verdict.

Much of the case hinged on video and audio recordings taken by an informant
and by Drug Enforcement Administration personnel.

The informant was paid $50,000 (£31,000) after Banton’s arrest in December
2009, along with two others.

One video shown to the jury showed Banton apparently tasting cocaine in a
Florida warehouse.

A co-defendant later gave the informant $135,000 (£83,705). He and another
man pleaded guilty to drug charges in the case.



Buju Banton was born on July 15th, 1973 according to

July 15th, 1973

July 15th

7 + 15 +2+0+1+1 = 26 = his personal year (from July 15th, 2011 to July 14th, 2012) = Good news.  In the news.


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