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Comic Jon Stewart told Bill O’Reilly that the “no spin zone” ringleader had become the voice of sanity on Fox News Channel, although “that’s like being the thinnest kid at fat camp.”

The host of “The Daily Show” and Fox’s kingpin exchanged some good-natured shots Wednesday during Stewart’s appearance on a network he relishes mocking. Stewart tossed off jokes but also criticized Fox for being a “cyclonic perpetual motion machine” opposing President Barack Obama.

“They have taken reasonable concerns about this president and this economy and turned it into a full-fledged panic attack about the next coming of Chairman Mao,” Stewart said.

Fox cut off the taped interview at that point, saying more would be shown Thursday.


Jon Stewart was born on November 28th, 1962 according to

November 28th

11 + 28 +2+0+0+9 = 50 = his personal year (from November 28th, 2009 to November 27th, 2010)

50 year + 1 (January) = 51 = his personal month (from January 28th, 2010 to February 27th, 2010) = Right life.  Swadharma.  Truth.  Honesty.  Honor.  Respect.  Integrity.  Character.  Reputation.  Credentials.  Veracity.  Virtue.  Ethics.  Morals.  Honor.  Dignity.  Laws.  Rules.  Regulations.  Ordinance.  Policy.  Standards.  Important.  Official.  Proper.  Sir.  Elections.  Voting.  The State.  Government.  President.  Military.  Soldier.  Police.  Law enforcement.  Lawyers.  Attorneys.  Legal advice.  Counsel.  Litigation.  Lawsuit.  (Un)constitutional.  Evidence.  Proof.  Ammunition.  Genius.  Logic.  Rational.  Factual.  Accurate.  Candor.  Brief.  Plain spoken.  Impartial.  Unbiased.  Serious.  Sober.  Solemn. 

51 month + 3 (3rd of the month on February 3rd, 2010) = 54 = his personal day = Spontaneous.  Curious.  Inquisitive.  Interesting.  Fascinating.  Ingenious.  Clever.  Quick thinking.  Scout.  Intelligence gathering.  Surveillance.  Witness.  Observe.  View.  Watch.  Oversee.  Overlook.  Overhear.  Listen.  Ears.  Audiotape.  Videotape.  Recording.  Footage.  Scan.  Interview.  Interrogate.  Questions.  Trivia.  Riddles.  Puzzles.  Crossword puzzles.  Quiz.  Questionnaire.  Querrant.  Discussion.  Forums.  Research.  Specimen.  Factors.  Congruence.  Correlation.  Estimate.  Guess.  Theory.  Postulate.  Assumption.  Geminian.  Mind reading.  Telepathy.  Teleport.  Memorize.  Verbatim.  Quote.  Recite.  Extemporaneous.  Improvisation.  Demonstrate.  Examples.  Programming.  Technology.  Interface.  Simulation.  Virtual.  Digital.  Monitor.  Screen.  Graphics.  Frame.  Cover.  Holographic.  3D.  Transparency.  Superimpose.  Phase.  Version.  Modify.  Enhancements.  Identity.  Alias.  Screen name.  Avatar.  Vicarious.  Chameleon.  Mockingbird.  Parrot.  Imitate.  Impersonate.  Impression.  Mimic.  Photocopy.  Duplicate.  Double.  Twins.  Split.  Bifurcate.  Multiple.  Role playing.  Transcribe.  Dialogue.  Narrate.  Documentary.  Language.  Bilingual.  Multilingual.  Interpret.  Translator.  Pause.  Dubbing.  Voice overs.  Make over.  Masks.  Disguise.  Costumes.  A prop.  Gesture.  Parody.  Spoof.  Mock. 


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