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Happy birthday to one of the NBA’s All-time greats, if not the greatest, Michael Jordan.  Jordan was born on February 17, 1963 making the Hall of Fame basketball star 47 years old today.  However, Jordan is still a presence in the basketball world and business world.  He’s been involved as a part owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, and with recent news that the team will be up for sale, many are wondering if they’ll become a Michael Jordan birthday present soon.

Jordan has been rumored as extremely interested in purchasing the Bobcats team.  According to Yahoo! sports news, team coach Larry Brown has indicated Jordan is putting himself in a position to get the team, and wants it badly”.  We all know when MJ wants something, his competitive drive fuels him to go until he accomplishes it or passes out in the process.  Evidence of that is his six NBA rings, MVP awards, All-star appearances and other numerous accolades.  Jordan’s also been a huge presence in the building of his personal Jordan brand of clothing, accessories and other items with his sneakers continuing to be hot selling items.

Apparently, NBA Commissioner David Stern would like a Bobcats sale done within the next few months.  It’s also been reported that Former Houston Rockets executive George Postolos is interested in the team and has made inquiries.  If Postolos gets ownership, then Jordan may be out of his role with the team.  However, acquiring the team would make a great Michael Jordan birthday present, as Jordan is a legend on the court, and can hopefully bring some prestige and winning ways to the Charlotte Bobcats NBA team.

February 17th
2 + 17 +2+0+1+0 = 22 = his personal year (from February 17th, 2010 to February 16th, 2011) =  Look before you leap.  Good luck. 

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