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Mitchie Brusco lands a 900 on the Megaramp [Video]action_shot_1_1_3.jpg

July 28, 2011, 4:50 p.m.

People began asking for Mitchie Brusco’s autograph when he was 3½ years old.But he couldn’t write yet, so he asked his older sister Jessica for help.

One night, they created his mark: the letter M with a skateboard drawn beneath it.

He called it his “M.”

“Why do they want my ‘M?’ ” he would ask his mother, Jennifer, when people approached the Kirkland, Wash., native at skate parks after a run.

Brusco didn’t know it, but the people watching how he maneuvered on a skateboard as a toddler, they knew he would be a star. And he was, quickly. Bursco got his first sponsor at 3, an agent at 5 and had nine sponsors by 6.

Now, after years of media interviews, TV show appearances, sponsorship deals and worldwide exhibitions, the 14-year-old known as “Little Tricky” will make his debut Friday night on the biggest action sports stage, the X Games, in Los Angeles.

“I feel super nervous,” said Brusco, who is 5 feet 1 and 95 pounds.

He is scheduled to compete in the skateboard big air competition against stars who are decades his senior.

But Brusco has always gone against older skaters: at 5 he faced 10-year-olds; at 8 and 9 he faced teenagers.

And he has pulled off a move (confirmed by video footage) that many of them, along with most everyone else, has not.

A 900.

The 900, a 21/2 -revolution airborne spin, is skateboarding’s most elusive trick, its Holy Grail.

Few have conquered it, but Brusco became the youngest when he nailed it during the MegaRamp Championship series this month in Brazil after only a few hours of practice.

“Honestly, I didn’t think it would be as big of deal as it was,” Brusco said.

Oh, it was.

Tony Hawk, who landed the first 900 in 1999 at the X Games after several failed tries on the vertical ramp, promptly sent out a tweet to his nearly 2.5 million followers:

“Congratulations to @Mitchiebrusco84 with the cleanest 900 to date …on a mega ramp.”

On an X Games mega ramp, though, a 900 hasn’t been accomplished.

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