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California’s parole board has denied parole for Elisabeth “Betty” Broderick, the once socially prominent lawyer’s wife who fatally shot him and his new wife in bed in 1989.

When Broderick’s husband of 16 years dumped her for his young legal assistant, she seethed with a white-hot fury.

She was one angry Betty, as a California writer, a long-time Broderick watcher, recently observed.

She still is, the parole board concluded Thursday after hearing Broderick’s rambling statement, said San Diego Deputy District Attorney Richard Sachs.

“She was totally not remorseful, didn’t even try,” Sachs said. Broderick won’t be eligible for another parole hearing for 15 years — the maximum time the law allows, he added.


Betty Broderick was born on November 7th, 1947 according to

November 7th

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