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Eric Weider was born in 1963 in Montréal, (Québec), Canada.

Eric graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree from the University of Western Ontario and a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree from the University of Toronto.

Eric is married to Renée, his wife of 17 years.  Renée is a native of California with pioneer roots that date back to the earliest American immigrants to California in the early 1850s.

Eric has lived in Southern California since 1988 and works for Weider Health and Fitness.  “I have worked at every aspect of the Weider business from the ground up; from the warehouse to the boardroom and everything in between,” comments Eric.

The fact that Eric is a history buff should not surprise anyone since his father, Ben Weider, is a world-renowned Napoleonic historian.  Recalls Eric, “When I was young, he had a special knack for making history come to life by focusing on the human stories and not just on the names, dates and places that we normally associate with high-school history.

Although he is interested in all history to some degree, Eric’s main focus is World War II, the American Revolution, and the periods immediately before and after.  He is also a big fan of the “Wild West” … especially the Earps and Tombstone, Arizona, as well as the American Civil War.  Says Eric, “I love reading about history and I enjoy visiting historical places, especially battlefields such as Gettysburg and the Normandy invasion beaches.  Every year, I make a point of trying to go on a 3-4 day archeological expedition.

Eric and his father have done a great deal of historic travel together.  Just one example among many lifetime experiences is their visit to Omaha Beach on the 60th anniversary of the D-Day invasion.

Eric and his father, Ben Weider, OC, CStJ, CQ, PhD
Ben is Honorary Colonel of the 62nd Field Artillery Regiment based in Shawinigan, Quebec
*Photograph by Rob Wilkins

When asked about his role models, Eric replies, “My role models are my father, Ben Weider, and my uncle, Joe Weider, from whom I have learned an enormous amount about business and how to live life in general. Both have an incredible work ethic, are creative problem solvers, and are positive ‘can-do’ people who treat everyone with respect. They taught me how important it is to communicate well and always follow through on promises made.  They also taught me that there are no short-cuts in life and that things worth doing are usually hard and take time to achieve. My father often reminds me that ‘if it was easy… anybody could do it.’

Eric is a big believer in perseverance and is quite tenacious in the achievement of goals.  “I often think of a poem called ‘Perseverance’… the opening lines of which say, ‘Genius, that power which dazzles mortals’ eyes is often perseverance in disguise.’  If something is easy to do it probably would have been done already.  So the fact that it is difficult is why you have an opportunity.  On this same theme, Thomas Edison used to say ‘Opportunity is missed by many people because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work.’

Eric, Joe and Ben Weider
On the cover of the Montreal Business Magazine, March 2000

*Photograph by Laszlo

Eric’s “history” role model is George Washington who lived according to strongly held convictions and had tremendous perseverance in the pursuit of his goals. He was even-handed and an excellent leader.  “I admire him very much,” says Eric.

Eric is Chairman of Weider Global Nutrition, which markets the Weider brand worldwide. Weider is the leading sports nutrition brand in Europe and is making tremendous progress, not only in Canada and the USA, but also in many countries throughout Asia, including Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and China.

Eric is also Chairman of Schiff Nutrition International, a leading vitamin manufacturer based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Says Eric proudly, “We have a very large and state of the art manufacturing plant with extensive R&D and Quality Assurance labs. Our largest customers include Costco, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Clubs, Walgreens, and all the major food and drug chains.

Eric Weider with Robin Chang, VP AMI Events, Ben Weider, President of the IFBB Professional League,
Jim Manion, Chairman of the IFBB Professional League, and Dr. Rafael Santonja, IFBB President
*Photograph by JM Manion

Additionally, Eric is President of the Weider History Group which is based in Virginia near Washington, D.C., and publishes 11 history magazines, including World War II, Military History, American History, Wild West, Vietnam, and Armchair General.  Eric comments, “I started Armchair General from scratch in 2003.  The magazine has a unique interactive editorial style that places the reader in the boots of the generals and soldiers as they are confronted with major decisions. Instead of just telling you what happened we try to let you experience it as if it was happening to you.

When asked about his life philosophy, Eric replies, “I follow a simple life philosophy which is that I appreciate every day. I try to be straight forward and pleasant to people while also making the tough decisions that are required for a business to survive and thrive in the most competitive economy in the world. I do not think that being a good businessman needs to be in conflict with being a decent human being and more than anything else this is the valuable lesson I learned from Joe and Ben Weider … not because they told me this … but because I just watched them and observed.

A little known fact about Eric is that he plays a pretty mean guitar and particularly likes the Rolling Stones.  “I started when I was sixteen and have played off and on since then. My guitar hero is Keith Richards which is surprising to many people. But I emulate his guitar techniques, not his lifestyle!

Eric also enjoys regular exercise, weightlifting and hiking.  He used to play hockey and loves riding horses although admittedly, “time does not allow for that too much anymore.


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Eric Weider

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