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August 22, 2010

Currently winning hearts all over the world, Filipina beauty Maria Venus Bayonito Raj has captivated many, being an early favorite in the Miss Universe 2010. She is leading the pageant’s online survey at the moment and gaining more and more fans and followers. The top 15 were already chosen by the judging committee on August 20.

Maria Venus Raj was previously dethroned by the pageant’s organizers (BPCI) citing alleged inconsistencies between her birth certificate and the personal account of her birth. During which, Maria Venus Raj was briefly replaced by second runner-up Helen Nicolette Henson. A first runner-up candidate Diane Elaine S. Necio was only 17 years old and did not yet meet the age requirement policies of Miss Universe. Raj’s sudden dethronement and also the questionable ineligibility of the first runner up candidate caused a heavy uproar among her Filipino supporters. Some fans conducted online petitions, signature campaigns, Facebook fan pages, blogs, forums and petition letters to BPCI Miss Universe Organization to report the irregularities. In April 10, 2010, the Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc. (BPCI) reversed their decision.

Citing “humanitarian reasons” the BPCI allowed Maria Venus Raj to reclaim her title pending correction of her birth certificate. It was also an additional requirement that Maria Venus Raj legally obtain of a valid Philippine passport as proof of her true citizenship. In May 19, 2010, the Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) issued a Philippine passport to Maria Venus Raj thereby attesting to her Filipino citizenship. According to the Department of Foreign Ministry stated that Maria Venus Raj is a Philippine citizen by virtue of the jus sanguinis principle (“right of blood”), a basic right provided by the Philippine Constitution which bestows upon a person the citizenship of his father or mother regardless of where the person was born.

The recent news of Melody Gersbach‘s and her make-up artist Alden Orense’s death made Maria Venus Raj emotionally distressed during rehersals. Melody was one of Venus Coaches for her prepartion for Miss Universe, shortly before her death Melody gave some encouraging words to Venus “I saw a potential in her that will bring her something to the international pageant,’’Gersbach had said she told Raj “to relax and enjoy the Miss Universe pageant.’’

The Miss Universe 2010 which features the 83 contestants will air live from the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on August 23 at 9 p.m ET.



Venus Raj was born on July 7th, 1988 according to

July 7th, 1988

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