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14 January 2011 01:37

Beloved U.S. TV star JOHN DYE has died at the age of 47.

The actor, best known for playing angel Andrew in the drama Touched by an Angel, passed away at his San Francisco, California home on Monday (10Jan11) after suffering heart failure.

Dye racked up a number of TV credits during his career with appearances on shows including Murder, She Wrote, Promised Land and The Young and the Restless.

His Touched By An Angel co-star Valerie Bertinelli has since taken to her page to pay tribute to Dye, writing, “Dear, sweet John Dye, rest in peace.”



John Dye was born January 31st, 1963 according to

January 31st, 1963

January 31st

1 + 31 +2+0+1+0 = 35 = his personal year (from January 31st, 2010 to January 30th, 2011) = Hang in there.

35 year + 12 (December) = 47 = his personal month (from December 31st, 2010 to January 30th, 2011) =  Famous.  Name & fame.  Notoriety.  Name recognition.  (Inter)nationally known.  High profile.  VIP.  Well-known.  Household name.  Public life.  Limelight.  Legendary.  Notable.  Noteworthy.  Eminent.  Prominent.  Legacy.


47 month + 10 (10th of the month on Monday January 10th, 2011) = 57 = his personal day = Heart attack.  Condolences.  Heartbreaker.  Heartache.  Tearjerker.  Tears.  Tear drops.  Crying.  Weeping.  Sadness.  Broken hearted. 


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