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August 7, 2010 | 11:18 pm

In the months leading up his UFC middleweight title fight with Anderson Silva, Chael Sonnen directed an unending barrage of insults at the champion. At UFC 117 in Oakland, Sonnen backed up every bit of his bluster for four and a half championship rounds.

Then he got caught.

The challenger Sonnen dominated the vast majority of the five round championship fight. He surprisingly got the best of the standup at the beginning of the first round, then utilized his wrestling to control and punish the longtime UFC champion.

Aside from a flurry at the beginning of the fourth round, Silva had no answers for Sonnen. Sonnen appeared a few minutes away from a dominating championship victory in the fifth round when the fight quickly turned.

Silva quickly took control of Sonnen’s arm and wrapped his legs around Sonnen’s neck. Silva proceeded to wrap up a tight triangle choke while simultaneously cranking an armbar. Sonnen dove backwards to try to escape the holds but Silva applied greater pressure and Sonnen was forced to tap.

“I’m devastated,” Sonnen acknowledged at the post-fight press conference. “The better guy wins ever time. He won. He’s the better guy.”

Silva for his part was gracious in victory.

“I really don’t have anything against Chael,” Silva said. “Outside the ring what he said is in the past. I don’t hold any grudges.”

Silva, however, did point to an injury as a cause for his generally unimpressive performance. Silva said that he suffered a rib injury training with Japanese judo gold medalist Satoshi Ishii prior to the fight and that a doctor told him not to take the fight with Sonnen.

UFC president Dana White was non-committal about where the UFC middleweight division goes from here. Vitor Belfort could receive the next title shot against Silva or the UFC could potentially rematch Silva and Sonnen.

“Fighting Anderson Silva’s a lot like eating Chinese food,” Sonnen remarked. “Twenty minutes after I’m done I’m going to want to do it again.”

from:  http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/sports_blog/2010/08/anderson-silva-stuns-chael-sonnen-at-ufc-117.html


Anderson Silva was only 110 seconds away from surrendering his Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight championship when he pulled off one of the most stunning finishes in mixed martial arts history in the main event of UFC 117 at Oracle Arena.After taking more than four rounds of pounding from trash-talking challenger Chael Sonnen, a thoroughly beaten-up Silva (27-4) caught Sonnen (25-11-1) in a triangle choke. Sonnen tapped out at 3:10 of the fifth round, though Sonnen complained to referee Josh Rosenthal. He apparently was saying that he didn’t submit, though replays indicated he clearly did.

Sonnen took Silva down early in each round and beat him terribly in each. Several times, Rosenthal was leaning in, apparently on the verge of stopping the bout.

The fifth round was no different from the other four. Silva, who was far behind on the scorecards, came out aggressively and tried to end it, but Sonnen took him down again. He was pounding away until Silva slipped on the triangle.

Submission defense has been Sonnen’s biggest problem throughout his career, and it was again on his biggest night. But he made himself into a major star, not only with his trash talking but also with his gritty performance.

The victory was the UFC-record 12th in a row for Silva, the longest reigning champion in company history. He has held the title since October 2006.

from:  http://sports.yahoo.com/mma/news?slug=ki-ufclive080710


Anderson Silva was born on April 14th, 1975 according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anderson_Silva

April 14th

4 + 14 +2+0+1+0 = 21 = his personal year (from April 14th, 2010 to April 13th, 2011) = Seeing your place in the world.  Seeing where things stand in the fullness of time.  How the world sees things.  Stepping onto the world stage. 

21 year + 7 (July) = 28 = his personal month (from July 14th, 2010 to August 13th, 2010) = Bold.  Daring.  Unstoppable.

28 month + 7 (7th of the month on Saturday August 7th, 2010) = 35 = his personal day = Defense.  Hanging in there.  Not giving up.  In it for the duration.

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Apr 10, 2010

Even middleweight champion Anderson Silva didn’t try to defend his performance in beating Demian Maia today. 

“Demian actually surprised me with some of his punches,” Silva said. “I apologize to everybody. I don’t know what got into me tonight. I wasn’t as humble as I should have been. … I can guarantee you next time it won’t happen.”

Silva (26-4) spent two and a half rounds jabbing, kicking and taunting challenger Demian Maia (12-2) before simply circling for much of the last 10 minutes en route to a unanimous decision win during the main event of UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi. There was little question about Silva’s physical dominance — he emerged from the fight unscathed, while Maia’s face was bloody and his shorts spattered with red.

But it was hardly entertaining. The crowd in Abu Dhabi jeered or whistled several times during the affair, culminating in a chorus of boos as the official decision was announced after the bout.

The fight realized fears about putting another jiu-jitsu specialist against Silva, who clowned around in his last title defense a year ago, against Thales Leites. Like Leites, Maia tried and failed to bring Silva to the mat and force him to grapple.

Just as he did against Leites, Silva started the fight by making light of Maia’s reluctance to trade blows on the feet. The champion gestured fiercely and barked at the wary challenger to come forward in the first two rounds. Silva landed jabs and low kicks almost at will, while stifling Maia whenever he tried to drag Silva to the mat.

Yet Silva never tried to finish his opponent. Instead, it was Maia who become more aggressive in the fourth and fifth rounds, charging in occasionally and missing with winging punches. Maia once even threw punches from his knees after Silva stuffed another takedown attempt.

from:  http://content.usatoday.com/communities/mma/post/2010/04/silva-retains-middleweight-title-by-coasting-to-win-over-maia/1

Anderson Silva was born on April 14th, 1975 according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anderson_Silva

April 14th

4 + 14 +2+0+0+9 = 29 = his personal year (from April 14th, 2009 to April 13th, 2010)

29 year + 3 (March) = 32 = his personal month (from March 14th, 2010 to April 13th, 2010) = Winning.  Victory.  Triumph.  Champion.  Mighty.  Glory.  Pride.  Top 10.  First place.  Number 1.  The greatest.  The best…Crown.  King.  Boxing.  Fists.  Punch.  Clobber.  Knockout.  A fighting spirit.  Battle.  Pile on.  Beat.  Smackdown.  Stomp. 

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