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Paul the Octopus or Paul Oktopus is a two-year-old common octopus with a history of correctly predicting the results of major German international football matches, especially in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. This total rate of 11 out of 12 games correct constitutes a significant deviation from what flipping a coin would suggest, using a Binomial test. A fair coin would guess at least 11 out of 12 games correctly only 1 time in 315.

Paul was hatched at the Sea Life Park in Weymouth, England but currently resides at the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany. Before German international football matches, Paul is presented with food in two identical containers; one container is marked with the flag of Germany and the other is marked with the flag of Germany’s opponent. In each instance, Paul’s choice of food is interpreted as his predicted victor. Paul is reported to have correctly chosen the winner in five of Germany’s six UEFA Euro 2008 matches, predicting that Germany would win every match except a loss to Croatia, but incorrectly predicting that Germany would defeat Spain in the final in 2008.[11] He correctly chose the winner in each of Germany’s six matches in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, including Germany‘s loss to Serbia during the group phase, and a loss to Spain in semifinals.


Two clear plastic boxes with food (usually oysters) are lowered down to the aquarium’s tank. The boxes have the flags of two countries attached to them. One box has a German flag, the other box has a flag of the nation the German’s team is schedule to play with. Then Paul’s handler let the eight-legged creature into the tank. Whatever country that flag is attached to the box Paul opens, and gets his treat from is almost certain to win the game.

Paul was born in 2008 in England. According to the entertainment director Daniel Fey, Paul “showed his intelligence early on: “There was something about the way he looked at our visitors when they came close to the tank. It was so unusual, so we tried to find out what his special talents were.” First time Paul was tried during UEFA Euro 2008.  He was correct in 80% of the predictions he made, but he was wrong in his prediction of the winner of the final play Germany versus Spain. Paul predicted Germany’s win, but the actual winner was Spain.

Paul was able to predict the winner for all six plays for German’s team in the 2010 FIFA World Cup that they have played so far. In particular for 2010 FIFA World Cup Group D, in which German’s team played, he predicted Germany win over Ghana, he was right in his prediction in Germany win over Australia, and he upset Germans fans, when he correctly predicted that Germany is to lose to Serbia.  In 2010 FIFA World Cup knockout stage Paul predicted Germany’s win over England in round of 16 and over Argentina in quarter finals. For that last prediction Paul received death threats. Wrath of angry Argentinian fans blamed him for their team big lost 0 to 4 and threatened to eat him to avenge his prediction. His keeper Oliver Walenciak is sure that the octopus is safe in his aquarium tank:

here are always people who want to eat our octopus but he is not shy and we are here to protect him as well. He will survive.

Paul also made a correct prediction for the semi finals, when he has chosen the box with Spain’s flag. Some German supporters had a slight hope that Paul got it wrong, because of his incorrect prediction of the other play of the same teams in the finals of UEFA Euro 2008, but this time they were up for a disappointment.



Each letter of the first name rules 9 years of life.  Ages 0 to 27 are ruled by the sum of the first three letters of the name.

16 (P is the 16th letter of the alphabet) + 1 (a is the 1st letter of the alphabet) + 21 (u is the 21st letter of the alphabet) = 38 = Sensitive.  Intuition.


Ages 0 to 9 are ruled by the first letter of the name.

16 (P is the 16th letter of the alphabet) = Surprises.  Shocks.  Instantaneous.  Sudden.  Astonishment.  Astounding.  Spectacular.  Awesome.  Amazing.  Amazement.  Speechless.  Unprecedented. 


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