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Gunman: Off-duty officer Richard Klementovich, pictured, is barricaded inside the house of his estranged wife and has been shooting at police

20:01 EST              17 June 2012

An off-duty New Jersey police officer remains barricaded inside his estranged wife’s house where he has been sporadically shooting at police since around 2pm today.

Richard Klementovich, 42, an officer with Clifton police department, is alone in the Doylestown, Pennsylvania, property and has 2,000 rounds of ammunition and multiple weapons, including rifles and sniper guns.

Neighbours were told to stay in their homes, preferably hiding in their basements with doors locked and shades drawn. Some were told to evacuate.

Police from various departments including Clifton, and SWAT teams are trying to negotiate with the gunman. According to ABC News, officers have been told that if they get a clear shot at him they should take it.

‘We don’t want to incite this gentleman any more than he is,’ said Pennridge Regional Police chief Dave Mettin.

‘We’re hoping for a successful end with the safety of residents . . . officers and Mr Klementovich.’

A bitter divorce battle may be the motive for the shooting.

Police said Mr Klementovich contacted his wife, Jill, earlier on Sunday to meet her and their two children elsewhere but instead of meeting them, he entered his wife’s empty home and barricaded himself inside.

According to Philly.com, Mr Klementovich had sent a text to his wife threatening to kill himself before he started firing at police.

Doylestown police were called to 25 Bittersweet Drive at 1.44pm for a ‘neighbour dispute’ but minutes after they arrived, Mr Klementovich started firing at officers.

SWAT: Authorities climbed through the backyard of a Doylestown home two houses away from where the off-duty police officer was holed upSWAT: Authorities climbed through the backyard of a Doylestown home two houses away from where the off-duty police officer was holed up

Mr Mettin said the shots struck one officer, two police cars and an armored personnel carrier. The injured officer has been identified as Cpl. C. William Doucette from Doylestown Borough.

Mr Doucette was struck in the face with shrapnel after a bullet had struck a curb. He was taken to hospital but has been released.

Neighbours Richard and Marie Enright said they heard two bursts of gunfire, the first around 2.30pm and the second about 4pm.

They said that after the first round of shots police knocked on their door and told them to leave.

‘I heard 10 to 20 shots,’ Mr Richard Enright told Philly.com.

The neighbourhood was filled with police cars and SWAT vans.

Crime scene: Police cars and armored vehicles lined the streets, pictured, near where Richard Klementovich was shooting at policeCrime scene: Police cars and armored vehicles lined the streets, pictured, near where Richard Klementovich was shooting at police

Nearby roads have been closed off and emergency radio channels have requested airspace in the area be cleared up to 30,000 feet within a 30-mile radius of the scene.

At 6.25pm, the Bucks County’s Emergency Alert System warned residents to remain in their basements.

‘The situation with the armed subject on Bittersweet Drive continues,’ the message said.

‘Police officers are working to resolve the situation. Residents in the neighborhood near the intersection of Windsor way should shelter in place in the basement, it is the safest place. Also ensure that your doors are locked.’

Police said about 9.30pm that they would begin evacuating people who are still in their homes, especially children.

Negotiators apparently were in touch with him through cell phones or other communication devices.

Dave Boerner, who lives two houses down from the shooter, told phillyburbs.com that he was on his way home from the New Jersey shore when his wife contacted him, saying police had told her to go into their basement with her two kids.

‘I’ve been trying to go home,’ Mr Boerner said. ‘I feel helpless.’

Brian O’Conell was on his way home from a Father’s Day dinner with his 12-year-old son, when a SWAT van pulled up behind him, according to the news website.

‘It scared the hell out of my son,’ he said.

He was turned away from his home and was waiting at a police barricade for updates along with a crowd of other neighbors.

‘This neighborhood is ultra safe,’ he said. ‘We’ve never had anything like this happen before.’

According to nj.com, Mr Klementovich was a U.S. Army veteran and served in the Persian Gulf War as a member of the 82nd Airborne Division. He has been in law enforcement for 18 years.

Officials with Doylestown Township are trying to arrange hotel accommodations for displaced residents and advised those with medical needs to go to Doylestown Hospital.

from:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2160858/Off-duty-New-Jersey-policeman-Richard-Klementovich-shoots-officers-locking-estranged-wifes-house.html?ito=feeds-newsxml


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