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Her story is fascinating. Her chart statistics are impressive. Her music’s even better.

At just 23, Delta Goodrem is already one of Australia’s most successful and highest-selling female artists. Now Australia’s best kept secret is ready to be shared with the rest of the world: her first international album Delta is set for release in July 2008 on Decca.

First – a history lesson. Delta’s 2003 debut Innocent Eyes is one of only a handful of albums to sell over a million copies in Australia – one in every 20 Australians own a copy. The album spent a record-breaking 29 weeks at No.1 in Australia, won the Highest Selling Album award at the Australian equivalent of the Grammys two years running and has now clocked up 4 million sales worldwide – including reaching No.2 in the UK.

Each of the album’s five singles made No.1 in Australia – breaking a record held by Kylie Minogue and the Beatles – and Innocent Eyes spawned three Top 10 singles in the UK. She’s also had hit albums in Japan and New Zealand, charming the globe territory by territory. It’s not hard to see why: in an era of pre-fabricated as-seen-on-TV popstars, Delta Goodrem is the real thing.

A pianist since the age of seven, Goodrem harks back to a bygone era where pop stars wrote their own songs and sang them live – as simple as that.

Delta became the girl who was always on stage from as long as anyone in her family can remember. “It always just felt natural,” she says. “I remember when I went to concerts of artists I loved and I thought, ‘I can’t wait to do that’. It was never ‘I hope I get to do it,’ I always knew I’d do it. I just believed in myself. There wasn’t a plan B.”

Innocent Eyes established Goodrem as not just a musician but a songwriter. In 2006, Goodrem performed a self-penned song, “Together We Are One,” at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in front of a worldwide audience of 1.5 billion. The inspirational song surfaced on last year’s American Idol. Another song penned by Goodrem, “Days Go By,” was a No.1 hit this year by Norwegian Idol Glenn Lyse, while she also just collaborated on a song with hero Olivia Newton-John for her new cancer charity. “Olivia’s been a shining light for me,” Delta says. “She’s guided me, she’s continually given me great advice.” Another one of Goodrem’s songs, “Eyes on Me,” was selected by Celine Dion for her latest album Taking Chances. “To hear ‘Eyes on Me’ sung by a woman I’ve looked up to all my life – that’s an amazing feeling,” Goodrem says.

Her resume not only includes TV (Australian small-screen icon Neighbours which launched the careers of Kylie Minogue, Guy Pearce and Natalie Imbruglia) and a lead role in a movie (2005’s Hating Alison Ashley), but a duet with Tony Bennett for the Australian version of his hit album, An American Dream.

In 2008, Goodrem’s first album for the U.S. – simply titled Delta – is her introduction to the American market. Two years in the making, it serves as a welcome antidote to the rushed world of generic pop by creating timeless, global tunes injected with power, passion and personality.

“Believe Again” opens the proceedings with Delta’s most ambitious musical offering yet – a cinematic epic recalling the lush pop of Madonna’s Frozen, precisely produced by Marius DeVries (Bjork, Massive Attack, U2) and Stuart Crichton. “Sometimes you write songs and you think `That’s fine, that’s OK,” Delta says. “I didn’t want fine. I wanted better than fine. I wanted a great album. I’ve always had a really good ear for a great song that appeals to a lot of people. I wanted to make sure I had something special. ‘Believe Again’ was the one that turned the corner, it inspired the whole album.”

First single “In This Life,” (produced by John Shanks) became Delta’s 8th No.1 hit in Australia (out of an impressive 13 singles released to date), effortlessly seducing radio with its life-affirming chorus and wall-to-wall melodic rush. “It has that light and shade,” Delta says of track. “The sentiment in songs is so important to me. It’s got the melody that rings in your ear because it’s catchy and you can sing along with it, but I can also belt it out. It’s got all the elements I could hope to be introduced with.”

Goodrem found her musical soulmates in songwriting partners Brian McFadden (a founding member of Irish band Westlife who’s also written for Il Divo), electronic whiz Stuart Crichton and the Nashville-based songsmith Tommy Lee James. “We call our team The Elements,” Goodrem says. “Stuart’s a dance producer, Tommy’s a complete balladeer, he does country music, he’s an amazing lyricist, then there’s Brian who’s an amazing pop writer who can finish off a chorus like nobody else, and I’ve got the quirky melodies and the harmonies.”

It’s their four distinct styles that help create the musical diversity on Delta. They range from the reggae-tinged dance pop of “You Will Only Break My Heart,” to the deceptively simple power balladry of “Angels in the Room.”

“Woman” was written by hitmakers Steve Mac and Wayne Hector (Il Divo, Leona Lewis, Kelly Clarkson, Westlife). The brutally honest “God Laughs” documents Delta’s shock over her parents’ divorce (“We’re all walking on quicksand,” she sings, “When we’re busy making our plans…God laughs”), but it’s Possessionless that may be the album’s most personal lyric.

Goodrem wrote the song shortly after winning her battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancer that derailed Delta at the height of her Australian and UK success in 2003. Just as music has always been there for the good times in her life, it was there at the hardest moments too.

“Possesionless” talks of how chemotherapy taught her what’s important in life – by losing every strand of hair on her body and rediscovering herself. The song was penned with the team of Steve Kipner, Wayne Wilkins and Andrew Frampton – who’ve written hits for Christina Aguilera and Natasha Bedingfield.

On the surface lyrics like “All I got is my body and I’m naked for you” might seem to reflect some bedroom intimacy, rather they capture some of the many life lessons Delta gained from her health crisis. “It’s the only true test when the only thing left is a love that is possessionless,” she sings.

“My life had got so serious so fast,” Delta says. “Then I lost my hair, it went green, I had braces, I was on steroids and in chemotherapy – I thought about how when there’s absolutely nothing else, you’re possessionless, would you love someone when they’re bare naked like that? You have absolutely nothing, not even eyelashes. There’s no faade, nothing to hide behind.”

After an accelerated life – and career – of dizzying highs and crushing lows, the Delta album sees Goodrem coming out of the dark with an album that embraces the positivity and healing power of pop music.

“This album has strong themes about going through hard times but instead of being a victim standing up and being counted. It’s good to focus on what life has to offer, find things that mean something to you. It’s pop music. It’s meant to be fun, magic, something you can relate to.”

That connection with her lyrics is something Goodrem is keep to take around the world.

“Hard times are universal. Good times are universal. I’ve learned how powerful music can be to people, how you just want to get lost in music. That’s a really special connection with people that isn’t disposable. I like the idea of starting in America with a clean slate – I’m looking forward to singing my heart out.”



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November 9th, 1984

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Delta Lea Goodrem



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