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66TH Hand Ball?

Lahm’s cross from the right glances off Cole’s arm and goes across the end line. Referee points to the corner angle and not the penalty spot. Ball played his hand, not the other way around.

2ND HALF Smoke Signals
Bayern Munich fans light flares during the match.
Bayern Munich fans light flares during the match.

Hazy in the stadium after flare on the Bayern side. Must have been snuffed out pretty quickly but looks like fog bowl at the moment. – Nicholas Kulish

60TH Lahm Drifting Forward

Bayern’s right back is pressing into the attack as Bayern looks for the breakthrough goal. I still have my money on Drogba burying a chance. But I’ve been wrong before and probably will be again.

54TH Bayern Offside Goal

Muller centers to Robben for a shot that is blocked in the Chelsea defense. Falls to an offside Ribéry who tucks the ball past Cech. Goal is waved off. Clear infraction even though ball came off a defender.

49TH Robben Breaks

Bad pass from Cole allows Robben to get in behind the defense. Cole recovers as Robben slides the ball to Kroos for a blast that is headed for a corner by Luiz.

46TH Second Half Underway

The teams are back. No changes to either lineup at the start of the second 45 minutes.


Bayern owned the advantage for most of the first half, but Chelsea reasserted itself as the match wore on and has to be happy leaving the field after 45 minutes even. Conversely, Bayern squandered perhaps a handful of terrific scoring chances. In a game like this, it’s often those missed opportunities that come back later to haunt a team. We shall see.

43RD Golden Chance for Bayern

Robben, Muller, Robben, ball rolls to Gomez in the area, who steps toward the ball and lets it roll by, but his shot soars high over the bar. Best opportunity of the game so far.

40TH Bayern Buzzing

Gomez tries a bicycle kick that’s smothered, Robben to Ribery who skews a shot that ends up going for a corner. The match appears to be opening up a bit as Chelsea asserts itself more on offense after weathering some early pressure from the Bavarian team.

38TH Chelsea Attacks

Chelsea springs to life, Drogba nice touch, Kalou collects on right side for a hard shot that forces Neuer to smother the shot at the near post.

36TH Volley Wide

Ribéry to Contento on the left, cross to Muller for an open, but difficult volley that slips wide.

35TH Chelsea Free Kick

Cahill draws a generous foul call outside the Bayern penalty area, about 20 yards from Neuer. Drogba runs over the ball and Mata hits it with his left foot high over the crossbar. Probably Chelsea’s best, make that its only, chance in the first 35 minutes.

31ST Chelsea Foul

The boos and whistles are deafening after the foul on Ribery. – Nicholas Kulish

Bosingwa hacks down Ribéry, who had his back to the Chelsea goal far from Cech. Needless foul.

28TH Bayern Free Kick

Luiz sends Muller to the turf at the top of the Chelsea are. Free kick given. Robben’s shot from 22 yards from a right-side angle. Shoots into the wall.

Who will make the difference in the match? For me, the players to watch are Kroos for Bayern and Drogba for Chelsea. Drogba has been a monster for the Blues the past month or so.

25TH All Bayern

Yet another corner for the German club, taken by Ribéry but plucked out of the air by Cech and cleared. Bayern dominating the ball, but with nothing to show for all its efforts. How many times have you seen a team monopolize the ball, only to concede a goal to the opposition on a counterattack?

21ST Bayern Scramble

Another corner for Bayern after Robben’s close-in shot is deflected by Cech off the post, then sent back into the middle to be cleared for yet another corner.

18TH Bayern Corners

Kross corner, Robbin volley deflected wide for a corner. Kroos again, leads to Gomez dummy on a shot at the top of the goal box, for naught. Another corner, short, no danger.

16TH Chelsea Defense

Coached by an Italian, at least for now, Chelsea looks like a defensive Italian team … well organized … as it was against Barcelona in the semifinals when the Spanish team had difficulty breaking down the English team’s defense. And the pressure is on home-standing Bayern Munich to break through early and put pressure on Chelsea.

13TH Gomez Header High

With Chelsea packed into defense with all 11 players, Mario Gomez’s glancing header sails high.

9TH Robben Shoots Hight
Bayern Munich midfielder Arjen Robben being aggressive.
Bayern Munich midfielder Arjen Robben being aggressive.

Arjen Robben, a former Chelsea player, thrives on the off-wing, but after cutting inside his left-footed shot flies high over the bar.

7TH Kalou Leads Chelsea Attack

Solomon Kalou plays strong through the midfield and leads Didier Drogba down the right for a cross that fails to connect.

5TH First shot

Schweinsteiger lays off a pass to Kroos for a shot from 20 yards that is wide to the right of Cech.

3RD Awkward From Ribery

Bayern’s French midfielder Frank Ribéry misses a cross and tumbles to the turf on the follow through.


The blue and white checkered Chelsea flags are waving as the north end of the stadium sings “Blue is the Color,” only to be challenged by a lyrics-free version of “Seven Nation Army.”

Before the game starts the fans will do plenty of serenading, but it wouldn’t be the Champions League without the soaring vocals and violins of the theme song.

Thanks to the magic of the official program, I am honored to share with you the origin of the now-famous music. It was way back in 1992. Boyz II Men and Sir Mix-a-Lot were burning up the charts, but so were an older trio. “The Three Tenors had been very successful and UEFA’s marketing team wanted something classically tinged,” recalled Tony Britten, the composer who would prove up to the task. “Of course classically tinged can cover a multitude of sins.”

Who better, the UEFA team thought, than the music conductor for the movie RoboCop? And so, Britten was on his way to becoming the of European club soccer, with an assist from the past. He took his inspiration from Handel’s Zadok the Priest “whittled down” as Britten put it, potential lyrics to include “the main event,” “the champions,” and “these are the champions,” the three official languages, English, French and German and immortality was his.

RoboCop is being remade. No word on whether Britten is involved. –Nicholas Kulish

2ND Yellow Card

Bastian Schweinsteiger’s deliberate hard ball earns him a yellow caution card.

1ST MINUTE Four by Cole

Chelsea’s Ashley Cole gets first foul of game on Toni Kroos, 45 yards from Cech’s crease.



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