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April 25, 2013

Kylie Bisutti, a former model who won the Victoria’s Secret Angel Search competition in 2009, does not have heavenly memories of her former employer.

In her new book “I’m No Angel,” the 23-year-old claims she “felt like a piece of meat” working for Victoria’s Secret and opted to trade in her lingerie for a quiet life in Montana.

In an excerpt obtained by the New York Post, Bisutti recalls laying on a bed in little clothing while a photographer encouraged her to pose more provocatively.

“That’s when it hit me. I was being paid to strip down and pose provocatively to titillate men. It wasn’t about modeling clothes anymore; I felt like a piece of meat,” Bisutti writes. “The next day, I broke down and started sobbing. I was in my bedroom and dropped to my knees and started to pray. ‘God, why did you have me win the Victoria’s Secret Angel competition if it was going to make me feel this way? I’m not honoring my husband. I just want answers!'”

Bisutti announced back in February 2012 that she was quitting modeling to reserve her body “for her husband.” In doing so, she gave up a multimillion-dollar deal. She’s currently living the quiet life in Montana.

While we think it’s great the former model followed her heart and stood up for what she believed in, we can’t help but wonder … if you agree to be a Victoria’s Secret model, shouldn’t you know what you’re getting yourself into?

We asked our “omg! Insider” community to chime in on the topic.

“I think it’s brave. Anyone that gives up a great career to serve God deserves my respect. Way to go. ” AndreaKCC tweeted.

“I can’t imagine being a VS model is terribly fulfilling. However if she donated her income to needy that would serve God,” MomsThoughts wrote.

Stephen Dimmick wrote on Facebook : “We were born naked and the biggest sin is that people have been taught to be ashamed of their bodies.”

“She knew what she was getting in to, but she can grow as a person and decide it’s not the life for her… good for her for making up her own mind and not letting anyone convince her to continue something she wasn’t comfortable with,” Dianne Shook Brubaker posted.

Perhaps Andre Drew put it best (and most PC): “For me its in the middle. I’m sure she knew what she was getting into, I mean come on its Victoria secret. But on the other hand if she felt that her religion wasn’t really right with her line if work then she should get out if they are treating her ‘like a piece of meat'”

from:  http://omg.yahoo.com/blogs/celeb-news/former-model-kylie-bisutti-slams-victoria-secret-felt-174222506.html


Kylie Bisutti was born on March 31st, 1990 according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kylie_Bisutti

March 31st, 1990

3 + 31 +1+9+9+0 = 53 = her life lesson = Religion.  As a matter of principle.

Knight of Swords Tarot card


March 31st, 1990

3 + 31 = 34 = her core number = Hottie.  Red hot.  Smokin’ hot.

Eight of Wands Tarot card


March 31st, 1990

March 31st

3 + 31 +2+0+1+3 = 40 = her personal year (from March 31st, 2013 to March 30th, 2014) = Be gentle.

Page of Cups Tarot card


using the number/letter grid:

1      2      3       4       5       6      7      8      9
A      B     C       D       E       F      G      H      I
J      K      L      M      N       O      P      Q      R
S      T      U      V      W      X      Y      Z


A = 1              J = 1              S = 1

B = 2              K = 2             T = 2

C = 3              L = 3             U = 3

D = 4              M = 4            V = 4

E = 5              N = 5            W = 5

F = 6              O = 6             X = 6

G = 7              P = 7             Y = 7

H = 8              Q = 8             Z = 8

I = 9               R = 9



Kylie Bisutti

27395 2913229              54


her path of destiny = 54 = Memoir.

Page of Swords Tarot card







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