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United States' Michael Bradley, left, argues with Mali's referee  Koman Coulibaly (AP  Photo/Hassan Ammar)

Fri Jun 18 12:36pm EDT

Landon Donovan fueled the U.S. comeback, first by blasting in a goal just after halftime from a seemingly impossible angle. As Slovenia tired and collected yellow cards like candy on Halloween, the Americans finally equalized thanks to the coach’s son, Michael Bradley, in the 82 minute and had momentum so firmly in their grasp that it seemed only a matter of time before they scored a winner. As full time drew near, that winner came off the toe of Maurice Edu after a free kick, but was astonishingly disallowed by Malian referee Koman Coulibaly. He appeared to call Michael Bradley (pictured above, about to eat the ref) offside even though Bradley was being bear-hugged from behind by a Slovenian defender. 

The baffling call sparked confused outrage from the U.S. team as they had no idea why the goal was disallowed — even in Bob Bradley’s first post-match interview, he said he still didn’t know what the call was and why the goal didn’t count. But even with a detailed explanation written in 500-point font on the largest billboard in Times Square accompanied by graphs and a 3-D re-enactment, I don’t think the U.S. team or its fans could accept that it was anything but a horrible call.

Thankfully, the U.S. still has a good chance at advancing out of the group after this confidence-pumping comeback if they can beat Algeria in their final group match. But until then, for U.S. fans the urge to break household items will probably remain impossibly strong.



Koman Coulibaly was born on July 4th, 1970 according to

July 4th, 1970

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July 4th

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