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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Attorney General of the State of Morelos said that the man killed by two bullets this morning in a bar in this city, it’s Juan Sebastian Figueroa Gonzalez, son of songwriter Joan Sebastian.

The accuracy was due to official preliminary information that went beyond the local attorney general’s office said the dead had been José Manuel, another son of singer Guerrero, who has been known for its scandals just in bars and clubs of this city.

According to early versions Juan Sebastian and his friends left the bar “Grand Hotel” located in the main corridor dens of Cuernavaca, about 02:30 pm when he had a verbal altercation and blows with private security guards.

According to a preliminary version of the guards, whom he described as obese and dark-skinned, pulled a nine millimeter weapon and fired twice against Juan Sebastian.

His friends rushed to the Red Cross of Cuernavaca, but when they reached the hospital had died. Later arrived forensic medical service personnel of the State Attorney to transfer the body to the State Amphitheater.

According to a partial report of the autopsy law Juan Sebastian, 32 years old, died from severe internal bleeding and laceration of a lung as a result of the shots he received. Unofficially, it was reported that shots were fired at the neck and chest.

The body of Juan Sebastian was given to their families around 9:00 hours to bring it to a funeral home and prepare the body for allegedly would be moved to Los Angeles, California.

This last figure was reported by Joan Sebastian a few close friends of Cuernavaca.
ESR Cuernavaca, Morelos | Saturday June 12, 2010 JUSTIN MIRANDA | El Universal

Joan Sebastian’s son, Sebastián González Figueroa was killed early this morning. Homicide joins the list of tragedies that has faced the Mexican singer.



José Manuel Figueroa was born on May 15th, 1975 according to

May 15th

5 + 15 +2+0+1+0 = 23 = his personal year (from May 15th, 2010 to May 14th, 2011)

23 year + 5 (May) = 28 = his personal month (from May 15th, 2010 to June 14th, 2010)

28 month + 12 (12th of the month on Saturday June 12th, 2010) = 40 = his personal day = Brother.  Hermano.


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