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June 24, 2011 20:45 IST
Hours after coming from the 10-month long hijack
ordeal, 22-year-old Sachin Pawshe, a sailor with MV Suez, and a resident of
Kalyan in Mumbai, considers himself

“Though my birthday is on September 6, I will be
celebrating my birthday on this day from now on, because I came back home
against all hopes,” said Pawshe.

He expressed his disappointment with the delayed
response in securing the ransom by owners of his shipping company, but was all
praises for the Pakistan government for intervening, which led to their

MV Suez had sailed into Karachi port on Thursday.
“When the pirates left us, they took everything including our clothes and
undergarments. The Pakistani authorities treated us very well. They gave us food
and clothes,” said Pawshe.

Recalling his ordeal that began on October 2, 2010,
Pawshe said that before launching a full frontal attack, the pirates did a drill
to check if merchant vessel carried any weapons.

When they were satisfied that the vessel was
defenseless, the pirates launched an attack early in the morning, taking over
the ship in no time.

Owing to the language barrier, there was no
communication between the pirates and the hijacked crew until a translator
arrived two days later. The initial demand was for $5 million.

“During the night we were all confined to the bridge,
where the armed pirates kept a watch on us,” said Pawshe. The crew was fed on
cooked rice, boiled potato and pasta.

“If we
were lucky, they would give us freshwater mixed with diesel or petrol. But other
times, we were forced to drink sea water, owing to the lack of freshwater,”
added Pashwe.
Sachin Pawshe was born on September 6th, 1988
September 6th, 1988
September 6th
9 + 6 +2+0+1+0 = 18 = his personal year (from September 6th, 2010 to September 5th, 2011) = Surreal.

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