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A toddler died after falling from a ninth-floor apartment balcony in Surrey, B.C.

August 17, 2012              10:56 AM PT

A toddler has died after falling seven storeys from a Surrey, B.C., apartment building on Thursday night, just two days before her parents planned to wed.

Two-year-old Rihana Bralic Leonard climbed over the balcony railing of a ninth-floor suite in North Surrey and landed on the second-floor canopy above the building’s entrance.

Her mother Mariana Bralic and stepfather Cory Leonard were due to get married on Saturday.

The pastor at their church told CBC News that the family had been at a wedding rehearsal dinner on the night of the accident and that Rihana was happy and excited to be her mother’s flower girl.

A family friend, Paul Leech, said the wedding has been postponed as the parents try to deal with the loss of their child.

Surrey RCMP and the coroner’s office are investigating, but RCMP Sgt. Paul Reshaur said the fall appears to be an accident.

“She managed to get out onto the balcony through an open door and then she managed to crawl over the railing,” he said. “She was taken to hospital, where she was unfortunately pronounced dead.”

Police in Surrey and Abbotsford have investigated other falls involving young children in recent weeks.

At the end of July, a toddler fell three floors from an apartment in Surrey’s Strawberry Hill neighbourhood after pushing out a window screen.

At the beginning of August, a 16-month-old pushed out a window screen in Abbotsford and fell eight feet onto the driveway below.

In both of those cases, the children suffered only minor injuries.

from:  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2012/08/17/bc-surrey-toddler-dies.html


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G = 7              P = 7             Y = 7

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Rihana Bralic Leonard

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