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August 30, 2010

Jessica Lowndes and her 90210 character, Adrianna Tate-Duncan, seem to be living parallel lives. In dropping some hints about season 3, which premieres Sept. 13 on the CW, Lowndes revealed to PEOPLE that her character is getting deeper into her music career — something she’s doing in real life, too.

“There’s a lot more drama for my character,” the singer-actress, 21, said at the Entertainment Weekly and Women in Film pre-Emmy Awards party on Friday. “Adrianna’s no longer in high school. She’s dropped out to pursue her music career. So, definitely a lot more singing, which has been fun, because over hiatus I was recording an album. So, that’s been really, really fun. I’ve been to the studio for the show and the studio for my own stuff.”

Lowndes says she traveled to London, Italy and New York this summer, and recorded in each of those cities. “I ended up collaborating with this U.K. hip-hop artist named Ironik,” she says. “It’s almost like life imitating art, because last year’s Javier and Adrianna storyline is very much what happened in this situation.”

The song, “Falling in Love,” comes out Oct. 25 in London.

As for the 90210 world, it’s not just Adrianna who’s evolving. Everyone’s life seems to be getting more interesting.

“There’s an earthquake in the first episode,” Lowndes says. “Almost metaphorically, it shakes everything up. And there’s a lot of drama for everybody. And you have Trevor, who’s battling or just coming to terms with who he really is with the whole gay story line, which is fantastic. The writers have done such a great job. I love it. And, yeah, there’s love triangles. Someone’s half-brother shows up, and it gets really dramatic.”



Jessica Lowndes was born on November 8th, 1988 according to

November 8th, 1988

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