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3 December 2012          07:53 ET

A council leader shot his wife dead before turning the gun on himself, the BBC understands.

Keith Johnson, leader of North Norfolk District Council, and his wife Andrea were found dead at Compit Hills, Cromer, on Sunday afternoon.

Police had been called to the cul-de-sac after “concerns were raised for the safety of a resident”.

Detectives are not looking for anyone else in connection with the deaths of Mr and Mrs Johnson.

Police found the body of Mrs Johnson, 44, in the front garden of a bungalow and Mr Johnson, 58, dead in a back garden nearby.

“Officers can confirm that both the woman and the man are thought to have died from gunshot wounds,” police said in a statement.

‘A lovely couple’

Det Supt Peter Hornby, who is leading the inquiry, said: “Whilst I understand this is a very shocking incident for the neighbours of the two people involved, I can reassure them that, at this stage, we are not looking for anyone else in connection with it.”

Derek Houlston, whose garden backs on to the couple’s home, said: “She was bubbly and really friendly. We used to see her walking her dog.

“He was always very friendly, too, but we saw him doing his paper round – which she got him to do to keep fit – on Saturday and he seemed really depressed.

“I said hello but he just kept his head down and didn’t respond.

“It’s really sad because they seemed like such a lovely couple.”

Mr Johnson, a former mayor of Cromer, became Conservative leader of North Norfolk District Council in May and was also a town councillor.

Mr Johnson and his wife Andrea were found dead at Compit Hills, Cromer, on Sunday

The flag was flying at half-mast at Cromer Town Council’s offices at North Lodge.

Trevor Ivory, a Conservative member of the district council’s cabinet and a friend of the couple, said: “It’s a complete shock. I last saw them both on Thursday evening and they were both very happy and seemed to be enjoying life.

“The words Cromer and Keith Johnson are synonymous. He typified what’s good about the town and the district of North Norfolk.”

Norman Lamb, care minister and Liberal Democrat MP for North Norfolk, said he was “utterly shocked and stunned” by the deaths of the couple.

“I knew them both reasonably well,” he said.

“I always got on very well with Keith. We’re from different parties but he was always very good to deal with.

Flag at half-mast
Mr Johnson was also a Cromer town councillor

“He was a good public servant. It’s just an utterly shocking loss.”

In a statement, North Norfolk Labour Party paid tribute to Mr Johnson.

Chairwoman Denise Burke said: “The death of Keith is a tragedy and a massive loss to Cromer and North Norfolk, too.

“Keith has been a real public servant throughout his life and will be sorely missed by the whole community. He was much respected across the political spectrum.

“Our thoughts are with Keith’s friends and family at this time.”

Police said post-mortem examinations on the couple were taking place and the Joint Norfolk and Suffolk Major Investigation Team was continuing to investigate.



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Keith Johnson

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