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Norman L. Hand (September 4, 1972 – May 14, 2010) was an American football defensive tackle in the National Football League. He last played with the New York Giants in 2004. He also played with the Seattle Seahawks, the New Orleans Saints, the San Diego Chargers, and the Miami Dolphins. With the Saints, Hand was part of a defensive line nicknamed “The Heavy Lunch Bunch”, along with fellow 325-pounders Martin Chase and Grady Jackson.


September 4th, 1972

9 + 4 +1+9+7+2 = 32 = his life lesson = what he was here to learn = Winning.  Victory.  Triumph.  Champion.  Mighty.  Glory.  Pride.  Top 10.  First place.  Number 1.  Better.  The greatest.  The best.  The biggest.  Giant.  Huge.  Gigantic.  Colossal.  Mammoth.  Ginormous.  Super-sized. 


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