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Jane McGonigal is one of the most interesting inventors you’ve never heard of.The bubbly game designer — whose optimism seems to flow out of her wild blond hair — is trying to get the world to play a lot more online video games, and not just for the sake of fun.

The cooperative skills and hopefulness that people learn while pecking away at online games like World of Warcraft will help our society address real-world problems like climate change and nuclear arms proliferation, she says. To get people to use less oil and mentor entrepreneurs in Africa, she also is developing games that merge the digital and real worlds.

“My goal for the next decade is to try to make it as easy to save the world in real life as it is to save the world in online games,” she said.

from:  http://edition.cnn.com/2010/OPINION/02/16/ted.people/

Jane McGonigal was born on October 21st, 1977 according to http://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/A17L74RIM8TN36 and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jane_mcgonigal

October 21st

10 + 21 +2+0+0+9 = 42 = her personal year (from October 21st, 2009 to October 20th, 2010)

42 year + 1 (January) = 43 = her personal month (from January 21st, 2010 to February 20th, 2010) = Fun.  Enjoyment.  Playing.  Celebrating.  Entertaining.  Fun times.  Good times.  Congratulations.  Abundance.  Bountiful.  Enough.  Plenty.  Bountiful.  Cornucopia.  Feast.  Cookouts.  Picnic.  Banquet.  Dinner.  A toast.  Gregarious.  Recreation.  Hobby.  Pastime.  Leisure.  Diversions.  Festivities.  Events.  Fairs.  Gala.  Gatherings.  Get togethers.  Reunions.  Satsang.  Friends.  Peers.  Colleagues.  Mingle.  Guests.  Acquaintance.  Pals.  Buddies.  Chummy.  Hospitable.  Hospitality.  Holidays.  Merriment.  Mirth.  Frolicking.  Amusement.  Laughter.  Chuckle.  Comedy.  Jump.  Dancing.  Partying.  Welcome.  Greetings.  Salutations.  Hello.  Hi.  Handshake.  Belong.  Join.  Groups.  Clubs.  Bands.  Crowds.  Flock.  Meetings.  Reunite.  Liking.  Games.  Toys.  Playground.  Playful. 

43 month + 16 (16th of the month on February 16th, 2010) = 59 = her personal day = Savior.  Redeemer.  Redemption.

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