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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We know Ingrid Michaelson since 2007 from when she first entered into the spotlight of Top 40 with “The Way I Am”. Thanks to Didi Benami competing in “American Idol” with a Ingrid Michaelson’s cover, her celebrity has gone up.

By that time, Ingrid Michaelson didn’t quite need the butchering of her tune because she was already successful with next albums “Be OK” in 2008 and “Everybody” in 2009.

Currently, Ingrid Michaelson is on a headlining tour bringing her to for a show in Cleveland on Wednesday at the House of Blues. Last weekend, Ingrid Michaelson performed at the big four-day festival in Manchester, Tenn at Bonnaroo.

Lately, Ingrid Michaelson, has become more and more popular thanks to her success last year’s “Everybody” that got her into the notion of the woman whose music was first heard on TV shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” or “One Tree Hill” straight into the ranks of critics’ favorites.

In order to repay the loyalty of her fans, Ingrid Michaelson sponsored a video contest for “Everybody,” where the person submitting the best version on YouTube will get to join her on stage this summer.

from:  http://buzzreporter.net/328/ingrid-michaelson-on-her-way-to-stardom/


Ingrid Michaelson was born on December 8th, 1979 according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ingrid_Michaelson

December 8th

12 + 8 +2+0+0+9 = 31 = her personal year (from December 8th, 2009 to December 7th, 2010) = Contests.

31 year + 6 (June) = 37 = her personal month (from June 8th, 2010 to July 7th, 2010) = Benevolence.  Goodwill.  Heartfelt.  Heart-centered.  Emotive.  Musician.  Singer.  Guitar. 

37 month + 15 (15th of the month on Tuesday June 15th, 2010) = 52 = her personal day = Critics.

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