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Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle looks in for his catcher's sign. The left-hander doesn't light up the radar gun, but he works fast and is a master of his craft. The Mark Buehrle play on Opening Day showed that he brings a great glove to the field. 
Monday April 5th, 2010

Did you see that Opening Day Mark Buehrle play? Check out that  video link because it’s a play you quite possibly never see in a game again. The Chicago White Sox ace is known for attacking the strike zone with his wide variety of high-movement pitches. While he isn’t the hardest thrower in the Majors, he does deliver the ball quickly, and he has a motion that can disrupt the timing of hitters. These factors, as well as sterling control, have made him one of the more successful pitchers of recent years and one of the few hurlers who have turned in a perfect game. But the now infamous Mark Buehrle play was all about defense, with all the razzle dazzle fans crave. Most would need payday loans to be able to afford a Gold Glove. Mark Buehrle earns it on the field.

The Mark Buehrle play: You can’t plan amazing

According to Sports Illustrated, the Mark Buehrle play was one of the best plays that numerous players on the field had ever seen. Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Indians alike marveled at how Mark Buehrle had the ability to track down the liner that went off his foot and squirted toward the first base line, and, with his back to first base, shovel the ball with the glove between his legs and all the way to first base for the out. That White Sox first baseman Paul Konerko barehanded the Mark Buehrle play just adds to the sparkle.

Opening Day 2010 was a banner day for baseball

In addition to the Mark Buehrle play, Albert Pujols raked in two home runs for the Cardinals, Braves rookie phenom Jason Heyward homered in his first Major League regular season at-bat and Blue Jay’s pitcher Shaun Marcum carried a no-hitter into the seventh inning. Pujols and Heyward will hit many more home runs before they’re through, and Marcum’s game went south after he gave up his first hit. The Mark Buehrle play, however, is unique and will reside in memory. It may have already earned him his second straight Gold Glove – unofficially at this point, of course.

Mark Buehrle’s perfect game last season was saved by defense

However, that defense was not his own. Outfielder DeWayne Wise, who was inserted as a late-innings defensive replacement, went back on a ball that would have been a sure home run – if he hadn’t been able to make a great leap and grab the ball just before it cleared the wall. Wise’s defensive play was the most dramatic to save a perfect game in Major League history. That perfect game was the 2009 Mark Buehrle play, so to speak. Here’s DeWayne Wise’s epic catch:

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Mark Buehrle was born on March 23rd, 1979 according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Buehrle

March 23rd

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