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08:49 EST                20 October 2012

A 23-year-old woman is revealing the sexual harassment she endured at Comic Con when she dressed in a racy costume for the gathering of comic book, fantasy and science fiction fans.

Mandy Caruso, a fashion designer, dressed as super heroine Black Cat and wore a skin-tight leather outfit that ‘has a fair amount of cleavage.’

It’s common for young women to dress in revealing and deliberately skimpy costumes for comic conventions. It’s also common, Miss Caruso revealed in a post on her blog, for them to be sexually harassed by overzealous fans.

She described several encounters at last weekend’s New York Comic Con with men who posed for pictures ogling her breasts. She also recounted being ‘surrounded’ by a camera crew who claimed to be be filming a feature on fans, but instead seemed more interested in talking about her cup size.

Miss Caruso is a fashion designer from New York City
Black Cat is a Marvel Comics super heroin

Speaking out: Miss Caruso, a New York City fashion designer, said her decision to dress as the Marvel Comics super heroine, right, doesn’t give men license to sexually harass her

On her Tumblr blog the Grind Haus, she recounted how she angrily stormed out of the interview rather than answering sexually-charged questions about her body.

The New Yorker’s writing struck a chord with female ‘cosplayers,’ women who dress up for comic convention fans, and has spread across social media.

‘It’s because many people at these cons expect women cosplaying as vixens (or even just wearing particularly flattering costumes) to be open/ welcoming to crude male commentary… like our presence comes with subtitles that say “I represent your fantasy thus you may treat me like a fantasy and not a human in a costume,”; she wrote.

‘But that does not mean we have to put up with s*** that crosses the line, it does not mean we owe them a fantasy, it does not mean we dress up to have guys drooling over us and letting us know that we turn them on.’

Miss Caruso said she was ‘not surprised’ when some men began asking to pose for pictures when her when she showed up in her revealing costume.

Showing off: It's common for women to wear revealing costumes for comic book conventions when they dress up as their favorite charactersShowing off: It’s common for women to wear revealing costumes for comic book conventions when they dress up as their favorite characters

Several of them, she said made ‘WOAH LOOK AT THOSE KNOCKERS’ faces as they stood with her.

However, later she was approached by a camera crew led by a overweight, middle-aged man, who said he was making a video about fans at Comic Con.

His by his questions, though, he didn’t seem interested in the Marvel comic book super heroine she was portraying.

‘Well let me ask you an important question then…what is your cup size?’ the man asked.

Ms Caruso responded: ‘That is actually none of your f****** business.’

Sexy Darth Vader? Female 'cosplayers' often re-imagine popular characters in racier, female costume - often sporting skin-tight latex or leatherSexy Darth Vader? Female ‘cosplayers’ often re-imagine popular characters in racier, female costume – often sporting skin-tight latex or leather

When the interviewer, who Miss Caruso refused to name, refused to stop talking about her breasts, she simply turned and walked away.

The camera crew and the men watching the interview, she said, were all dumbfounded.

‘From the looks on people’s faces, they were just completely not expecting me to do what I just did- which was really nothing more than speaking up for myself,’ she writes.

‘It wasn’t something one should feel brave for doing but crazy for not doing when necessary.’

Miss Caruso said more women at comic conventions should follow her example and angrily refuse and speak up when men make sexually-charged comments.

‘Don’t keep quiet because you’re scared of what they might say or think – because if you say nothing they will continue to see what they’re doing as OK,’ she wrote.

from:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2220586/Comic-Con-Mandy-Caruso-dressed-racy-costume-recalls-sexual-harassment-fans.html#ixzz2A39EoBHU


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