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Hammer murder ... Fergal Patrick Downey.

August 18, 2011   2:32PM

A MELBOURNE man who once attacked former Victorian premier Jeff Kennett in a pub has admitted murdering a friend in a frenzied hammer attack.

Fergal Downey, 36, killed his friend Kenneth Rolfe, 53, by hitting him more than a dozen times with the hammer in the garden of Mr Rolfe’s Bentleigh home in the early hours of January 6, 2010.

He then smashed his way into the house and attacked Mr Rolfe’s wife Carol Hellman, leaving her with serious head injures.

As she lay on the floor Ms Hellman traced out the letters F-E-R-G-A-L on her leg to inform police.

Police arrested Downey at his home a short time later.

In 2006, Downey attacked Mr Kennett, who was recovering from a hip replacement, by knocking him off a bar stool and ramming him into a wall at a Richmond hotel.

He was ordered to perform 120 hours community service over 12 months.

Mr Kennett was left distressed and in pain after the incident.

Downey had pleaded not guilty to Mr Rolfe’s murder on the grounds of mental impairment at the start of his Victorian Supreme Court trial on Monday.

But today he pleaded guilty to murder and intentionally causing serious injury.

A third charge of armed robbery, relating to money Downey was alleged to have stolen from the home, was dropped.

On the night of the killing, Ms Hellman and Mr Rolfe, 53, had heard a noise and got up to investigate.

Ms Hellman said she saw a bicycle on the verandah and then saw Downey.

“He looked at me and then he went straight for Kenny,” she said.

“The way he looked, he looked really angry, I think.”

Mr Rolfe’s 15-year-old grandson was in the home and witnessed part of the attack but he escaped to a neighbour’s house and raised the alarm.

In a statement to the court, he said his grandfather was hit more than four times.

“A man came around the corner and I saw him hitting Pop in the upper body with a hammer,” the boy said.

“I heard Pop say, `What are you doing?’ and try to protect himself by blocking the hammer with his hands.”

Before the attack Downey had visited a pub with another friend and then smoked the drug ice. It gave him a buzz and left him feeling warm, the trial heard.

Downey told his friend it was the first time he had taken the drug.

A pre-sentence hearing will be held next Wednesday.



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Fergal Downey

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