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Today at 2:03 pm EST will Neptune ingress Pisces, the sign he rules.  Neptune won’t leave Pisces for 13 years, until April 1, 2025, thus providing a particular ‘flavor’ underlying and influencing distinctive themes that will define this epoch and also the generation born during this period.  For instance, we’ll be experiencing heightened and boundless idealism, imagination and vision, the embracing of higher values and the higher love principle, expressed in compassion, forgiveness, empathy, unification, solidarity, inclusivity and attunement to all that is together with a trend toward spiritualism, universality and holism. Awareness of our interconnectedness and commonality will be enhanced, whereas on the other hand, deception, delusions, denial, confusion, disorientation, uncertainty and escapism will reign higher than usual too. So, this afternoon, when the energy shifts, we might be especially sensitive to our surroundings and concerned about how we blend in. Look at the house in your chart that is affected. This is the area where we want to release our dreams and reveal our highest ideals by creating our own heaven.

from:  http://verenaheinrich.wordpress.com/2012/02/03/astro-notes-on-february-3-2012-universality/


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