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August 11th, 2010 at 5:45 am

Most women about to deliver a child prefer to sit at home and count the seconds till their water breaks. But singer Keke Wyatt, who is nine months pregnant with her fourth child, put on a show over the weekend at the Miami Beach Bruthaz/WassupNATL Invasion just one week before her due date. She even dropped down to the floor at one point while she sang.

Color me impressed. The most strenuous thing I did during the final months of my pregnancies was complain, but Wyatt delivered a gorgeous rendition of “Eye is On the Sparrow,” among other songs.

See the video after the jump, plus three things about Wyatt you may not know, including why she’s most famous.

* Wyatt made her debut at age 5, singing the song “Beautiful.”

* She was on her high school varsity wrestling team.

* If her name sounds familiar, this may be why: In 2002, she was accused of stabbing her husband, Rahmat Morton, with a steak knife. Weeks after the Christmas Day incident, sales of her album “Soul Sista” went through the roof.

And here Wyatt is tempting the pregnancy gods with her performance.

story from and video at:  http://blogs.babble.com/famecrawler/2010/08/11/watch-nine-months-pregnant-singer-keke-wyatt-put-on-a-show/


Keke Wyatt was born on March 10th, 1982 according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keke_Wyatt

3 + 10 +2+0+1+0 = 16 = her personal year (from March 10th, 2000 to March 9th, 2011) = Surprises.  Shocks.  Instantaneous.  Sudden.  Astonishment.  Astounding.  Spectacular.  Awesome.  Amazing.  Amazement.  Speechless.  Unprecedented.  Surpass.  Exceed.  Transcend.  Awe.  Reverence.  Powerful voice.  Expect the unexpected.  Anything can happen.  Predictably unpredictable.  Never shout never.  All of a sudden.  In a flash.  In an instant.  From out of nowhere.  Bolt out of the blue.  A real eye opener.  Blown away.  Freedom from the known.  Going where no one has ever gone before.  Life-altering experiences.  In the presence of the divine. 

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