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Chilean base-jumper Julio Munoz

10:26am UK, Friday May 06, 2011

A Chilean base-jumper has performed a staggering feat by riding his motorcycle off a cliff in the Andes and free-falling 3,000ft before successfully landing.

Daredevil Julio Munoz raced towards a specially prepared ramp at full tilt, hit the middle of it, and soared off the 3,300ft cliff in the Andes mountain range.

Discarding his bike, which crashed into the rocks below, he only opened his parachute 200ft from the ground and landed safely.

The 37-year-old had been planning the stunt – which took place in the Loma Rabona region of Chile and cost $100,000 – for three years.

Munoz, a paratrooper, needed three helicopters to transport his kit to the remote location, and said the jump was “an everyday thing for me”.

Filming equipment, cameras, their crews and Munoz’s motorbike were all moved to the site, which was worked on for two months.

The feat, part of ‘BASE Project Los Andes’, was videoed using 12 digital cameras and involved positioning the half-ton ramp and Munoz’s 450cc bike at 3,300ft.

“On the way to the ramp, I was focused on adjusting the speed on the bike,” Munoz said.

Paratrooper Julio Muñoz, 37, jumped off the cliff in the Andes last weekend 

“When I left the ramp and I’m flying, when I’m in the middle, that’s where I really feel comfortable – in the air.”

The experienced base-jumper said that the idea was “to discover Chile, have more contact with nature and to be able to open up sails a bit”.

“We think discovering South America through jumps is a good way to show our part of the world,” he continued.

“The main motivation was that I found a group of friends who had the energy and the desire and the professionalism in their fields to develop this project.

“This was the result, a good jump with no problems.”



A 37-year-old daredevil from Chile has ridden a motorbike off the side of a 4,000m-high mountain in the Andes.

Base jumper Julio Munoz, who has been planning the stunt for three years, was in freefall for more than 900m before opening his parachute.

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I = 9               R = 9

Julio Munoz

1            68


what he must do/has to do = JO = Shocks.  Surprises.  Expect the unexpected.  Amazing.


how he obtains his heart’s desire = JZ = 18 = Surreal.  That’s crazy.



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