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Natasha MacBryde

11:14pm UK, Thursday July 21, 2011

Lisa Dowd, Midlands correspondent

A teenage schoolgirl who died after throwing herself under a train received a “gratuitously abusive” message on a social networking site just before her death.

The body of 15-year-old Natasha MacBryde was discovered on Valentine’s Day, on a railway line just 150 yards away from her home near Bromsgrove.

The jury at the inquest into Natasha’s death heard the message, posted anonymously on website ‘Formspring’, contained a number of swear words.

It read: “You think you are pretty and all the girls love you, it’s called acting. Start acting nicer to people or you will lose everyone. Mark my words”.

Natasha replied: “Who are you?”

The inquest heard Natasha had also had a dispute that evening with a friend on Facebook, and received a text from a boy she liked saying they “should just stay friends”.


We seek to understand the motivation of those who choose to send spiteful and vindictive messages to their peers.

MacBryde family statement


Natasha had also been searching on the internet for “easiest ways to jump in front of a train”, shortly before her death.

Her mother, Jane, who is separated from Natasha’s father, said her daughter would print out lyrics of songs and put them on her bedroom wall.

One song, Bruno Mars’ Grenade contained the line “I’d jump in front of a train for you”.

In a statement, her family said: “We believe that the evocative lyrics of one of her favourite songs, Grenade by Bruno Mars, coupled with access to certain websites suggesting such actions, caused her to make such a sudden drastic and uncharacteristic decision.

“The family believes that the anonymous postings on the ‘Formspring’ social networking site were a significant contributor to the events on Sunday, February 13, and we seek to understand the motivation of those who choose to send spiteful and vindictive messages to their peers.”

Jane MacBryde told the court how Natasha was part of a popular group of girls at a private grammar school in Worcester who called themselves ‘The Ten’.

A few weeks before her death she had returned from school in tears, saying she had no friends and wanted to swap schools.

After contacting the school her mother thought the situation had blown over.

She said Natasha had shown her “gratuitously abusive” messages about herself on ‘Formspring’ and had told her daughter not to go on the site.

Jane MacBryde said it was a website where “children can leave anonymous comments about each other”.

During the hearing at the court in Stourport-on-Severn, coroner Geraint Williams explained that following Natasha’s death fake Facebook profiles were set up by a person who did not know the teenager.

Williams said “foul and disgusting” comments were posted about her death causing great upset to her family.

He said the “vile” practice is known as “trolling” and added that said the perpetrator had been caught and prosecuted.

“If I had my way, he’d be here so we could deal with him as well,” he said.

After the jury returned a verdict of suicide, Natasha’s parents, Andrew and Jane, paid tribute to her.

“As a family, we continue to deal daily with the impact that the terrible loss of Tasha has had on all of our lives,” they said.

“She was a bright and beautiful girl whose smile and sparkle lit up not only our world, but also that of her friends and all who knew her.

“Beyond this loss, the struggle to understand why she took such a devastating path has made the pain even more difficult to bear.”



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Natasha MacBryde

5            4    2   45


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