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Baby news: Jackson Rathbone and his girlfriend Sheila Hatsadi are expecting their first child

21:58 EST                5 July 2012

Jackson Rathbone has become a father!

The 27-year-old Twilight actor and his girlfriend Sheila Hatsadi welcomed a son, Monroe Jackson Rathbone IV, into the world today.

The 24-year-old burlesque dancer – who met the actor when he was touring with his band 100 Monkeys – gave birth at 9.43pm to the bouncing baby boy, who weighed 8 pounds 11 ounces.

The news was confirmed by Us Weekly, who spoke to the actor’s publicist.

Jackson – who is best known for playing Jasper Hale in the Twilight Saga movie series –  is said to have traded in two of his cars for a more family-friendly Lexus Hybrid SUV in preparation for the new arrival.

The actor recently admitted he would love to reprise his role of Jasper for even more Twilight Saga films in the future.

He said: ‘They are always discussing it, it depends how they would go about it.

‘I have loved my character and I have loved playing Jasper through the years, so if there is an extension of playing Jasper – more so in his own element, maybe go back in time and do a vampire western, show Jasper where he came from – I would be down for that. I would sign up for that.’

[Venus/Ceres = Jupiter]
Monroe Jackson Rathbone VI was born on July 5th, 2012 at 9:43 p.m. in Los Angeles, California
July 5th, 2012
7 + 5 +2+0+1+2 = 17 = his life lesson = Superstar.




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