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Robert Spillane
July 11, 2010
Robert Spillane had told stories of how he never quite knew the business his dad, Michael was involved in. The press had always reported on the gambling, murders, and extortion of the elder Spillane, but that is not the father that Robert chose to remember.

On Saturday morning, Robert, who has gone on to have a career in acting, passed away after falling from his Manhattan apartment. Spillane had worked his entire life to get out of the shadow of his legendary mobster father.

Spillane had to deal with the 1977 murder of his father, but he rebounded well. Robert had become a successful playwright and has acted in some of the most popular shows on television in recent years. “Rescue Me” and “Law and Order” are among the series’ in which Spillane appeared.

In addition to the acting, Spillane wrote an Off-Broadway play about a cross-dressing mobster. His death on Saturday came as a shock to both his brother, Michael, and his uncle, James McManus. Michael found his brother lying in the street, and immediately called the police.

Authorities have not yet determined whether the death was an accident or a suicide. McManus has gone on record as saying that Robert was leaning against the screen when the screen gave way in an open window. Robert then fell to his death.

Spillane’s father, known as Mickey, was gunned down at the family’s house when Robert was just twelve years old. Despite being a mobster, Michael Spillane was known as the “last of the gentleman gangsters.”

Comedian Colin Quinn was close friends with Robert Spillane, and he was seen talking to officers at the scene of the incident. Quinn, who had cast Spillane in several roles on “The Colin Quinn Show”, left the scene in a police car.


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