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March 07, 2010

Betty Nguyen, the American news anchor, is leaving CNN and so was revealed through an announcement by CNN Sunday Morning. Though it wasn’t unveiled where she’s heading to, however, various sources claim that 35-year-old Betty Nguyen is going to join CBS as an anchor for CBS Morning News.

Her new challenge for Betty Nguyen is a new role as full-time News Correspondent with CBS and she’s all set to take charge of the same from March 11, 2010 while in the New York City. In addition, “The Early Show” has also got a new reporter in shape of Betty Nguyen this year.

The old companion with the Network had joined CNN in the year 204 and during her stay there, Betty would be seen on the cable television’s various segments such as ‘CNN Sunday Morning,’ ‘CNN Newsroom’ (with T.J. Holmes), ‘CNN Saturday Morning’ as well as a regular contributor for various CNN programming.

The news of her leaving the CNN appeared on March 7, 2010 when it was announced through “CNN Sunday Morning” that she has an unspecified position awaiting her at another New York City based network. Welcoming Betty to their network, Sean McManus the Sports and News president CBS issued a press release that read “CBS is lucky to have hard news reporting as well as sheer anchoring experience coming their way alongside Betty.”

The word is in the air that another most recognizable figure at CNN Anderson Cooper is also negotiating with the CBS executives to seek a job as an anchor but at the same time a CNN statement tells something else; Atlanta –based Betty the long-time anchor is leaving whereas Cooper stays. The news release came on Thursday.

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Betty Nguyen was born on September 1st, 1974 according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betty_nguyen

September 1st, 1974

9 + 1 +1+9+7+4 = 31 = her life lesson = what she is here to learn = Competition.  Challenges.  


September 1st

9 + 1 +2+0+0+9 = 21 = her personal year (from September 1st, 2009 to August 31st, 2010)

21 year + 3 (March) = 24 = her personal month for March 2010

24 month + 7 (7th of the month on Sunday March 7th, 2010) = 31 = her personal day =  Competition.  Challenges. 

When her number (31 (9 +1 +1+9+7+4 = 31)) comes up, that’s when she gets to live/experience what she is here to live/experience.  So today is HER day!!!

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