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Taylor Swift Sees Two Boys in Two Days: Cory & Taylor
Thursday March 25, 2010 01:55 PM EDT
A flirty outing at a bowling alley followed by lunch with a handsome ex who happens to play a werewolf: Is Taylor Swift‘s social life heating up?

On Tuesday, the Grammy award winner was having a ball during a group date, which included best bud Selena Gomez, at a Studio City bowling alley. One big reason? She was getting close to Glee star Cory Monteith, who had “great chemistry” with the country singer, an eyewitness tells PEOPLE.

“While everyone in the group seemed to get along great and had fun, Taylor received a lot of attention from Cory,” the source says. “Several times while they chatted, Cory pulled Taylor close to him and gave her a big, loving hug. Taylor seemed to love the attention and was beaming.”

The two were first snapped together at Clive Davis’s pre-Grammys party in January, and it seems Monteith is still scoring points with Swift, 20. “Cory definitely seems to be Taylor’s type – tall, dark and handsome,” the source says.

Swift’s lunch date on Wednesday – former flame and Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner – certainly fits that description. Joined by Swift’s mom, the exes grabbed lunch at The Farm in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

“The two looked very excited to see each other and seemed to have a lot to catch up on,” an eyewitness tells PEOPLE.

Taylor Swift Sees Two Boys in Two Days: Cory & Taylor| Couples, Cory Monteith, Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift was born on December 13th, 1989 according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taylor_swift

December 13th

12 + 13 +2+0+0+9 = 36 = her personal year (from December 13th, 2009 to December 12th, 2010)

36 year + 3 (March) = 39 = her personal month (from March 13th, 2010 to April 12th, 2010) = Charming.  Idealist.  Ideals.  Romantic.  Dating.  Dreamy.  Poetic.  Poetry.  Compliments.  Invitations.  Offers.  Proposals.  Engagement.  Dreamer.  Utopia.  Paradise.  Idyllic.  Nice.  Commitments.  Promises.  Sincerity.  Genuine.  Authentic.  Chivalry.  Suitor.  Woo.  Courtship.  Honeymoon.  Serenade.  Flirting.  Bachelor(ette). 

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