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Tragedy: Six members of the same family, including three children and three adults, are feared dead after a plane crashed into Arizona's Superstition Mountains in a tragic Thanksgiving accident last night

In daylight: This is a view of the Superstition Mountain at Lost Dutchman State Park in Arizona

24 November 2011      17:25 ET

Three children and three men have been confirmed dead after a small plane crashed into the Superstition Mountains in the US state of Arizona.

Rescue workers scoured the scene east of the city of Phoenix after flames were seen on Wednesday evening, but the local sheriff now says no-one survived.

Debris is strewn over hundreds of yards of difficult, steep terrain, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu said.

Three children, their father and two pilots were on board, he said.

Witnesses reported a fireball and explosion as it smashed into the nearly mile-high rugged peaks.

Rescue crews found flaming debris covering the crash site.

This is their entire family – it’s terrible”

Paul Babeu Pinal County Sheriff

“No-one could have survived that crash,” Mr Babeu said in a news conference on Thursday.

The sheriff confirmed the victims as Russell Hardy, 31, and Joseph Hardwick, 22, both pilots.

Shawn Perry, 39, also a pilot, was on board with his three children: Morgan Perry, aged nine, Logan Perry, eight, and Luke Perry, six.

They lived with their mother in Gold Canyon, Arizona, Mr Babeu said. He said he had personally notified her of the crash.

“This is their entire family – it’s terrible,” Mr Babeu said. “Our hearts go out to the mom and the [families] of all the crash victims.

“We have had so many people that are working this day, and we just want to support them and embrace them and try to bring closure to this tragedy.”

The twin-engine aircraft – owned and operated by a company run by Mr Perry – had just flown from the city of Safford to the city of Mesa to pick up the three children for Thanksgiving, he confirmed.

They were making the return trip to celebrate Thanksgiving when the plane crashed travelling at about 200mph (320km/h), he added.

from:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/15876100


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Shawn Perry

18155 75997           57


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