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Not just another Mars transit

Jul 9

Written by: ema
Saturday, July 09, 2011 RssIcon 

This is my first blog ever. Never done it before. I decided to wait until my own page is created so that I can have a “home-base” for my blogs so to say. (Moon in Cancer, you know how it is… 😉

Anyway. Hope you’ll like my blog(s), especially because it has taken me a bit longer to write it as it would’ve taken you, technically speaking, because English is not my native language.

I was thinking of publishing my first blog sooner but we had this unfortunate eclipse season and Bill Meridian’s book on eclipses which I had been tasting (with much gusto) during these last weeks, has persuaded me to the contrary. Don’t start new ventures before an eclipse, he says. They’re likely to proceed contrary to expectations. They could be like stillbirths. Oh yeah. I know what you mean Bill. My country (Slovenia) was founded on the day before a partial lunar eclipse (on 26th June 1991) and 14 days before a total solar eclipse, and matters in our country have been going from bad to worse. This was 20 years (roughly one nodal cycle) ago, with this season’s eclipses taking place along the same lines as back then (Gemini/Saggitarius and Cancer/Capricorn), so the bad seeds have grown and are being reaped. An extremely bad economic and especially political situation have led our leaders to announce untimely parliamentary elections next year.

But this is not the subject of this blog. I was going to speak about the this year’s Mars in Gemini transit. It is not just another Mars transit, for the simple reason that it activates some of the “hot” (current) eclipse points. By these I mean the following eclipses – which I’m listing in the zodiacal sequence and not according to the timeline, out of practical reasons:

1. Partial solar eclipse of 25th November 2011
2. Partial solar eclipse of 1st June 2011
3. Total lunar eclipse of 15th June 2011

All of these eclipses take place along the Gemini/Saggitarius axis, therefore the current Mars transit has been and will be activating them until it leaves the last sensitive degree.

Mars has been in Gemini from 21st June this year and will leave the sign on the 3rd of August 2011. During this time, it activates the following degrees (allowing for the fact that eclipses are being activated already several months before they actually happen, and several months after that):

1. Gemini 1-3 (ref. PSE of 25th Nov. 2011 at 2°36′ Saggitarius)
2. Gemini 10-12 (ref. PSE of 1st June 2011 at 11°01′ Gemini)
3. Gemini 24-26 (ref. TLE of 15th June 2011 at 24°23′ Saggitarius)

Before proceeding to the dates when Mars transits these degrees, let me just repeat the fact which is well known to mundane astrologers, namely that astrologers tend to differ in their opinions of just how far these periods of fore- and after- eclipse effects stretch. According to Bill Meridian’s book The Predictive Power of Eclipse Paths, Charles Jayne said that (p. 11) “one was safe assuming that an eclipse had an effect beginning at least 3 months before the phenomena and lasting for 6 months or at least until the next solar eclipse”. Based on my own research, I’d say that we can prolong this period to at least 6 months before an eclipse, especially if it is a total eclipse. Total eclipses are far stronger in their effects than partial eclipses, and they last longer.

OK, let’s see: Mars transitted 0-3 degrees Gemini from 21st to 26th June this year. What happened?

I must admit of having been a bit surprised when I noticed that in this period, a notably stronger-than-usual seizmic activity took place. There was, for example, the 7.2 magnitude earthqake at the Fox Islands (Aleutian Islands) in Alaska on 24th June, among several others which exceeded the 5th degree magnitude (some along the Japanese Honshu east coast, one of 6.1 at Santa Cruz Islands etc.). Since I have been following earthquakes for sime time (and even predicting the increased seismic activity periods quite successfully at my facebook page), I wondered – what happened? Then I realized: it’s the eclipse degree being activated! Seeing that those quakes occured mainly inside the “Ring of Fire” (where they mostly happen anyway), I run the ACG lines for the November 25th eclipse for that part of the world – and what did I see? Uranus exactly on the MC for the Aleutian Islands region! See it for yourself:

It is the same heavenly scenario that played itself out in the case of the catastrophic Japanese earthquake of 11th March this year. I see this earthquake as the activation of the December 21st total lunar eclipse – which, incidentally (or not so incidentally), also had Uranus on the MC, as the picture below shows.

As for why the Japanese earthquake happened exactly on the 11th of March, is not the subject of this blog either. I have researched this matter thoroughly and will publish my findings at some other time, so as not to make this blog unduly long. Earthquakes are a complex matter, astrologically, with several forces being combined and reinforcing each other in each instance. In the above (Aleution) case, for example, the Uranus on MC influence was reinforced by the Mars on MC for the same region, on the ACG map for the June 15th lunar eclipse.

All I wanted to say is that, obviously, eclipses can be activated several months in advance, with Mars often acting as a strong “instigator”.

Let’s go to the next, more recent Mars activation of the eclipse point (the June 1st partial solar eclipse this time), which was roughly between the 4th to 8th July this year when Mars traversed the 10th, 11th and 12th degrees Gemini. This transit coincided with the Moon in perigee which is an extremely important astrological influence (ref. the well-known astrologer Richard Nolle’s site (www.astropro.com), and by the Moon’s crossing of the equator at the same time. Incidentally, the Moon also made a station at its southern latitudinal degree (5° S), so that several factors played a role.

I was prepared for this one, which led me to publish a prediction (on my facebook site) on Monday July 4th that “this week is going to be very stressful on various levels, with extreme weather and the propability of a large earthquake taking place around the middle of the week”. As for the eventual locations, I named several, including New Zealand. On July 6th, exactly in the middle of the week, with Mars at 11° Gemini, the Kermadec Islands (New Zealand region) were shaken by a large earthquake of magnitude 7.6. Below left is the ACG map for this region, set for the June 1st solar eclipse. See the black line running across the northern NZ island? This is Pluto on the descendant line, and Kermadec islands are just a bit further to the northeast.

Pluto lines feature strongly in the earthquake and other natural calamities’ charts – by which I mean eclipse charts related to the disasters. This is confirmed by the next chart (upper right) which shows one black unbroken line – Pluto on the IC – and one broken line on the right handside of it – Uranus on the descendant. This ACG map is for the same June 1st eclipse, set for the Arizona region.

As you probably know, a massive, 50 miles wide dust storm hit Phoenix Arizona on July 5th.

Another “big” story filled the media in the middle of that week: in Orlando, Florida, there was the trial concerning a young woman Casey Anthony, accused of having murdered her 2-year old daughter. On July 6th, she was found NOT guilty, followed by loud protests among those who’d like to see her in jail. Astrologically speaking, her acquittal was to be expected, on account of the simple fact that the ACG chart for Orlando Florida set for the June 1st eclipse – which was, as we now already know, activated by Mars on that day – has Jupiter on the descendant. And the descendant shows, as we probably all know, “the accused” in horary and event charts 🙂

Watch out for July 25th – 29th 2011!

Let’s proceed to the last eclipse activation by Mars during its trip through Gemini, which will happen between 25th and 29th of July this year. This time, the total lunar eclipse of June 15th 2011 will be activated by Mars transitting the 25th degree of Gemini – the degree opposite the eclipse point. It’s going to be strong, because total eclipses are strong. While this is simple enough to see, it’s not so simple to know what what exactly is going to happen.

The activation of the eclipse degree coincides with the lunar upper maxima on the 26th/27th July – that is, the Moon reaching the northernmost limit during its monthly declination cycle. This is a warning signal, suggesting a probability of another strong earthquake, or at least increased seizmic activity. The Moon will be in apogee on July 28th, another coincidence suggesting heat waves and the possibility of large and devastating fires – especially in the northern hemisphere experiencing summer, of course.

Mentally and psychologically disturbed people with suicidal as well as agressive behavioral tendencies will need to be taken care of. Watch out for the signs of their drastically changing moods!

What regions of the Earth could be affected? There are strong ACG lines over New Zealand region again, suggesting a possibility of increased seizmic activity taking place there again. Uranus and Pluto hovering over the Japanese region (primarily Pluto on the descendant line for the Honshu region) give hints of another sensitive area.

The Californian coast had the Moon, the Sun and the node on the IC at the time of eclipse, suggesting important activities going on there in the last week of July. A famous woman could die or a scandal involving important people (especially females) could take place. Weather and nature-wise, could be fires or an increased number of earthquakes.

The Arizona region could be vulnerable again, with Uranus on the descendant and Puto on the IC (note that the angles of this eclipse are very close to those of the June 1st solar eclipse!), as well as other region along 110 W.

The northern part of Mexico could be affected by a mixture of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto lines.

Capetown in South Africa and some middle and east European states will experience the effect of Mars on the IC, running along the 18 E line. This line is running exactly over Stockholm, Sweden. There’ll probably be a heat wave in southern Italy, as well as along the Adriatic coast. Some parts of Europe (central to eastern Spain, France and northern Germany) will see the effect of Pluto on the ascendant, causing some bad weather – could be thunderstorms or fires. Mars is on MC over the Alaska region, while Mars on the ascendant passes over the Indonesian island Java, western Australia and some Asian countries (Burma, Thailand and central China), which could account for more accidents in those regions. New Caledonia and Vanuatu (the Pacific region) could also be affected by Saturn on the IC and Pluto on the descendant respectively.

It’s really hard to say what exactly will happen! The Sun, the Moon and the planets undobtedly leave their mark on our Earth every time an important astrological configuration takes place. Animate and inanimate natures are affected in the same way and to the same degree, but some processes remain hidden, while some erupt without notice. It’s a loooong science 😉

Take care 🙂


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One crazy week…

Jul 30

Written by: ema
Saturday, July 30, 2011 RssIcon

It has been one (prolonged) crazy week, extending from July 22 to July 29 – roughly corresponding with the Mars crossing of the June 15 total lunar eclipse!

The eclipse started to take effect on July 22 already, with Mars conjunctiong the south node.

Starting with the Oslo disaster (July 22) which has been covered in another blog, the death of the famous singer Amy Winehouse followed on July 23 – and both events happened in the locations which were affected by the crucial eclipse ACG lines!

Those of you who have read my blog of July 9 may recall that I have mentioned the possibility of a famous woman death around July 25. I thought it could happen in the Californian region (where most famous people live anyway, which would make it an easy guess;) – due to the Sun and Moon lines running right accros the MC/IC, but it happened in London – another area strongly affected by the eclipse lines. Namely, in London, the Moon was on the ascendant and the Sun on the descendant! A fascinating “proof” of the validity of some of the fundamental astrological theories and facts, related to the eclipse effects! See the attached graph.

There was a record number of earthquakes on July 25 when Mars went right over the eclipse degree (24°23′ Gemini) – 44 quakes over mag. 2.5 and a record of 8 quakes over mag. 5., as compared to the average of 33 during the period of 6 days before that date, and to a quite lower general average.

In the early hours of July 26, on an even more exact transit, an earthquake of mag. 5 took place in Iran, exactly on the line of the IC /node / MC line of the eclipse!!! (36,6 N, 56,7 E).

On July 24, a strong 6.2 earthquake shook the Honshu region again

(Note that I mentioned the Japanese region as being vulnerable to the eclipse.)

On July 25, there was another earthquake of 6.2 in Papua New Ginea:

See how the Sun, Moon and node lines run straight through the area! (The quake occured in the eastern part of the islands, exactly corresponding to the said lines).

I watched the Californian region closely, expecting something unpredictable and unruly to take place there between July 25 and July 29. There was an earthquake swarm and the motorway close-down in Los Angeles around July 22. As for the last, it’s interesting to note that Mercury (travel, cars) was right on the MC for that region eclipse chart!

The motorway close-down was planned and expected, of course, but I thought that couldn’t possibly be the end of the Mars transit story. And it wasn’t. On July 27, exactly paralleling the Mars transit of the 24,5 Gemini, a mass riot took place in LA:


A media excerpt says: “Police in riot gear clashed with an unruly crowd Wednesday night outside a Hollywood film premiere on the Electric Daisy Carnival rave, throwing bottles and vandalizing cars and refusing orders to disperse after they were forced to leave an overcrowded theater, authorities said.”

The link of Uranus on the descendant, being the closest planetary influence to the Sun/Mercury/MC nad Moon/IC for that area, with the “electric” part of the name of the rave is quite fascinating, don’t you think?

Next came the Illinois rains. See


Weather has been the worst since 1907 in Korea, resulting in flooding and landslides after two days of torrential downpour that paralyzed Seoul. See http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/world/la-fg-south-korea-landslides-20110729,0,5843084.story

The link with the eclipse ACG map explains this weather phenomena quite dramatically – see the Sun, Moon and node lines passing right through the area!

There was a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico:


There was a strong earthquake activity (over 700 shakes!), in the course of the sensitive days, below the Canary Islands vulcano (a vulcano swarm) – see the attached link and the graph which again shows the very strong alignment with the crucial eclipse’s lines.


That was not all, but enough, IMO, to show anyone conversant with the traditional astrology rules, how eclipses are being activated by Mars transits and what routes an astrologer must take to observe those effects. I’m sure that further research would uncover more truths and, hopefully, inspire astrologers to create more theories. Science could follow, in the long run… 🙂

I encourage anyone interested in the mundane and eclipse theory, to read books and do your own research. Bill Meridian’s book on the eclipses and eclipse paths is an invaluable help, as well as Solar Fire software – BTW, the latest 8.0 includes advanced mapping options which I just love.

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