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14 June 2010

On Sunday night 13 June, Katie Finneran was seen holding the gold trophy as she was awarded it in the 2010 Tony Awards. The 64st annual Tony Awards ceremony was held in New York on Sunday, June 13, 2010. Katie Finneran an American actress won the second 2010 Tony Award for portraying a promising and hilarious act by an actress in musical performance ‘Promises, Promises’. Previously, Katie has achieved the Tony Award due to her performance as an actress in the play ‘Noise Off’ in 2002. Katie was born in January 22, 1971 and she is known for portraying her acting skills in film, stage and television. 

During the award ceremony, Katie was looking stunning and absolutely gorgeous with her diamond jewelry of worth million dollars. After accepting the award and holding the gold trophy, Katie thanked her family and friends by saying that without their support she was unable to reach at that position where she is now standing with the award. Katie dedicated the award to her fiancé, the actor Darren Goldstein. She also thanked her co-stars Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth who featured with her at the performances of their musical ‘Promises, Promises’. 

At the age of 19, Katie started to take keen interest in acting and decided to study acting. Before coming into acting profession, Katie has done several jobs which including a ringside girl at boxing ring, waitress and perfume spray girl. She did those jobs so that she could overcome her needs. She achieved fame and popularity for her leading role in the sequel of George Romeo, “Night of the Living Dead.”



Katie Finneran was born on January 22nd, 1971 according to

January 22nd

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