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Mar 7th 2010 9:09PM
Ryan Bingham and T-Bone Burnett won the Oscar for Best Original Song for ‘The Weary Kind’ from ‘Crazy Heart‘ at the 82nd Academy Awards in Los Angeles Sunday night. It was the first Oscar win for both musicians.
Ryan Bingham was born on March 31st, 1981 according to
March 31st
3 + 31 +2+0+0+9 = 45 = his personal year (from March 31st, 2009 to March 30th, 2010)
45 year + 2 (February) = 47 = his personal month (from March 1st, 2010 to March 30th, 2010) = The future.  Famous.  Name + fame.  Notoriety.  Name recognition.  (Inter)nationally known.  High profile.  VIP.  Well-known.  Household name.  Public life.  Limelight.  Legendary.  Notable.  Noteworthy.


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