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8 October 2012               22:56 ET

A 25-year-old British man who was working as a football coach in the US has been stabbed to death in New York.

Mike Jones, originally of Tarleton, Lancashire, was attacked in Manhattan in the early hours of Sunday, the New York Police Department (NYPD) said.

Mr Jones, who coached the New York Red Bulls juniors, was declared dead on arrival at Bellevue Hospital, New York.

An NYPD spokesman said the coach had been found with a severed ear and stab wounds to his head and neck.

‘Cannot believe it’

His father Perry said one of his son’s friends had alerted the family to contact the NYPD via the social media website Facebook.

CCTV footage of a suspect has been released by the NYPD

“I contacted the police and I was totally shocked, I was expecting to hear he had been injured in an accident,” said Mr Perry.

“We just cannot believe it.”

He said his son spent 10 months a year in the US working as a coach and had just got his own apartment with two friends.

Mr Jones added: “He loved New York and he loved the lifestyle and was working hoping to get a visa so he could stay there full time.”

Officers answering an emergency call found Mr Jones on the street near 25 West 14th Street at about 04:30 local time (09:30 BST).

Mr Jones had spent the evening with his girlfriend and they had parted just before midnight.

His body was found on the pavement and he had been stabbed in the neck and chest.

Witnesses said he had been arguing with a man but it is unclear whether Mr Jones knew his attacker.

The NYPD spokesman confirmed a “homicide investigation” was under way.

Premier League stars

Mr Jones had been a coach with the Youth Training Programme of the New York Red Bulls for the past five years.

“He was a tremendous individual, a fantastic coach who loved soccer and a terrific friend for many of us,” the club said in a statement.

Perry Jones
Perry Jones said his son loved living in New York

“This is truly a sad day for our soccer community and we will do our utmost to help authorities in their investigation of this case.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Michael’s family at this time.”

The New York Red Bulls are one of the leading teams in US Major League Soccer (MLS).

Current players include former English Premier League stars Thierry Henry, formerly of Arsenal, and Tim Cahill, who played for Everton.

“It is absolutely horrendous,” said Betty Parkinson, chair of Tarleton Corinthians, for whom Mr Jones used to play.

‘Devastated club’

Her husband John, the club treasurer, said Mr Jones had been with the senior team from the age of 17 until he went to the US on a scholarship.

“He came home around November time and played football with us. So he kept in touch with everybody. He was just one of the lads,” he said.

His former manager Dave Nelson said: “I feel anger, upset and absolute devastation. You wouldn’t want that to happen to anyone.

“Mike was such a nice guy – down to earth, outgoing, funny, always up for some banter but he knew when to be serious, loving and caring.”

Mr Jones is a former pupil of Tarleton High School, studied sports science at Edge Hill University and also played for Hesketh Bank FC.



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Mike Jones

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Mike Jones

August 4, 2010

Mike Jones is a rapper who may be a little out of the spotlight for now but rumors are that he is going to be coming back soon with a new album. Mike Jones’ style of rapping is easygoing and a little flat. His lyrics are cool and entertaining. He doesn’t rap about a lot of attitude and vanity. He is also not a gangster rapper. He just has a really cool and straightforward style of rapping that makes him a lot of fun to listen to.

The last song of Mike Jones that got hit was “Back Then” and it is still on YouTube. From that song it could be seen that he has really nice lyrics in his raps and that makes him a listenable person to all ages. The song “Back Then” is about Mike Jones trying to get girls before he got famous or rich. He tells about his story at the time he didn’t have anything. Basically in this song he’s trying to tell that girls only follow money and fame and are not concerned with the person. Well that’s what he says about the girls “he” met.

The video of “Back Then” is also a lot of fun where he is shown to be dumped and ignored by beautiful girls when he was just a regular guy, but as soon as he got rich it is shown that girls run behind his car and are all crazy for him. All in all he is a very talented rapper.



Jones is known for recording in the chopped & screwed style popularized by DJ Screw also of Houston.The slowed-down audio aesthetic supposedly mimics the effect of that is cough syrup containing codeine.Most followers of the chopped & screwed style claim that it has outgrown its drug-related roots.

Jones’ trademark technique is to take a line from one of his songs and use it as a chorus in another or sometimes even in the same song screwing chopping and repeating it for example the chorus to back then is sampled from the track still tippin.

Michael Mike Jones born January 6 1981 is an American southern rap artist who initially was affiliated with the record label swishahouse then left to be the owner of ice age entertainment.



Mike Jones was born on January 6th, 1981 according to

January 6th, 1981

1 + 6 +1+9+8+1 = 26 = his life lesson = what he is here to learn = Popularity.  In the news.

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