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Angela Scoular with her husband Leslie Phillips in 1998
20 July 2011  10:02 ET

Former Bond girl Angela Scoular was married to Carry On actor Leslie Phillips

A Bond girl actress who had suffered from bowel cancer ended her life by drinking drain cleaner, Westminster Coroner’s Court has heard.

Angela Scoular, 65, who starred in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, died in April.

The actress, who lived in Maida Vale, west London, was battling alcoholism and depression and worried about debts.

Coroner Dr Fiona Wilcox recorded a verdict of “killing herself while the balance of her mind was disturbed”.

Ms Scoular’s death was not suicide, the coroner ruled.

The court heard Ms Scoular suffered non-survivable 40% burns to her throat, body and dietary tract.

The cause of death was ingestion of a corrosive substance and multiple fractures, said Dr Wilcox.

The coroner heard the actress died two hours after drinking the liquid containing 90% sulphuric acid.

She also poured the corrosive liquid on her body.

Angela Scoular as Cathy in Wuthering Heights
Angela Scoular played the role of Cathy in Wuthering Heights in 1967

The inquest heard the actress was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 and was given the all clear after treatment and surgery, but months before her death she began to fear the return of the disease.

The actress, who had battled alcoholism for years, used to drink between 150 and 210 units of alcohol a week.

Weeks before her death she was arrested for drink-driving while on bail after crashing her car in Wales.

At the time she was on too much medication for bipolar disorder, the coroner heard.

The actress had married Carry On star Leslie Phillips in 1982. 

She was a kind, generous person who would help me with my work and I would help with hers”

Leslie Phillips

The actor, aged 87, was too ill to attend court, said in a read statement their life together was happy.

“The only exception was her alcoholism,” he said.

“But she was a kind, generous person who would help me with my work and I would help with hers.”

Ms Scoular tried to kill herself in 1992 when she cut her wrists with a knife.

She was found by Mr Phillips, who said he saved her from being sectioned several years ago.

The actress landed the role of Buttercup in the 1966 Bond spoof Casino Royale and was Ruby Bartlett in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service in 1969.

She acted in films, television and theatre during her career, including playing the role of Cathy in a BBC adaptation of Wuthering Heights in 1967.



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