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June 23rd, 2011  09:53 AM ET

The results show for “The Voice” was only an hour on
Wednesday night, but I swear there were more surprises packed into those 60
minutes than all the previous shows combined.

The results show started off with the eight remaining contestants singing
George Michael’s “Freedom.” Nakia and Vicci Martinez from Team Cee Lo belted out
their lines, and then came Beverly McClellan and Frenchie Davis from Team
Christina singing their parts.

Javier Colon and Casey Weston from Team Adam joined in, and soon after Xenia
and Dia Frampton of Team Blake did their thing. It was amazing yet weird to see
so many different styles singing that one song at the same time. And let me tell
you, I had to savor that moment with all the artists because it was the last
time we would see all eight semi-finalists on stage and performing together.


Right after the group song the tone of the show changed. It was eliminations
time! But first a quick refresher course on how the scoring process works. On
Tuesday Carson reminded everyone that each judge had 100 points to split among
both of their remaining two artists.

The coach could split it 50-50 or award one contestant a higher percentage
than the other. Those scores that the artists received from their coaches would
then be added to the scores they received from the public. And, obviously,
whoever has the highest totals remains and moves on to the Finals next week.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s start with the shocker of the
night which was brought to us courtesy Adam Levine. He made a decision that
earned him enemies and friends in one big swoop. Adam was asked to reveal his
scores for his team members, Casey Weston and Javier Colon, and guess what he
gave? Casey got 35 and Javier had 65!

Immediately the audience gasped. So much so that Adam immediately said: “I
know that looks bad Casey but let me explain. I had to play the game a little
bit. I had to make sure he advanced to (the finals).”

Adam then went on to say that Casey is only 18-years-old and has her whole
life ahead of her and will have many chances. So he said he wasn’t worried about
her at all. But he felt Javier had been around longer and had many more setbacks
and dreams interrupted so to speak. Adam simply didn’t want to see that
happening to Javier again.

So he did what he had to in order to see Javier make it to the Finals – so
much for America choosing a winner, eh? Although I feel this was cheating just a
teeny bit, I’ll admit I’m happy to see that Javier will have a chance to finally
succeed in the music industry.

After that shocker we got tears from Team Christina. Frenchie and Beverly
took the stage and held hands as they waited for their fate. But before the
results Beverly got emotional as she discussed the friendship she has developed
with Frenchie. You could literally see the tears welling up in her eyes.

And then the results: Christina delivered an even split between the two
ladies, leaving the decision to the voters. Once Christina’s score was added to
the votes from viewers, it was 93 to 107 in favor of Beverly! Christina jumped
out of her big red leather chair and took the stage and hugged Frenchie. She
then turned to Beverly and then looked at the audience and said “this woman is
going to bring the house down next week!”

Xenia and Dia on Team Blake and Nakia and Vicci on Team CeeLo were the only
two teams left. Let’s take Team Cee Lo first. Before Carson Daly could even get
to the results, Cee Lo insisted on reading a poem he wrote for his two remaining
members. It was a poem that mixed humor with inspiration and deep gratitude.
Nice touch right before the eliminations.

Cee Lo ends up giving Vicci 49 points and Nakia 51. Cee Lo explained that he
felt the drums in Vicci’s performance last night slightly overpowered her
performance and it was hard for him to hear it. But then he went on to say that
if he could take it back right now he would and award them both 50-50.

Then Vicci and Nakia were given their final totals…and it was Vicci who got
124 while Nakia only got 76. I don’t believe anyone was surprised at this
outcome since Vicci delivered a flawless rendition of Florence and the Machine’s
“Dog Days are Over.”

And then there was Team Blake. It was Xenia vs. Dia. I honestly wasn’t sure
who would take this one since I considered both to be equal in style and equal
in performance. Blake couldn’t stomach to put one “child over another” so he
opted to split the points straight down the middle and leave it up to the

Blake hugged both girls and then we learned their fate. It was Xenia with 94
points and Dia Frampton with 106 total, and she’s going to advance to the

And what would “The Voice” be without a great performance? We certainly got
that from Cee Lo on Wednesday night singing his latest single “Bright Lights
Bigger City.”

You know that when Cee Lo takes the stage you get two things: A hell of a
performance and you’ll see him and his background dancers in costumes. This time
was no different. The audience and especially the three coaches ate it up. They
loved Cee Lo’s performance so much that they gave him a standing ovation.

Now just two more shows are left, with the four finalists performing on
Tuesday and then we learn who has “The Voice” to win it. And although it might
be anybody’s game to win at this point, Javier and Beverly are considered front
runners. But as we all know, anything can happen!



Javier Colon was born on April 29th, 1978 according to

April 29th

4 + 29 +2+0+1+1 = 37 = his personal year (from April 29th, 2011 to April 28th, 2012) = The Voice.  Singer.  Singing.  Music.  Musician.

37 year + 5 (May) = 42 = his personal month (from May 29th, 2011 to June 28th, 2011) = Everybody loves Javier Colon.


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